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NTSC-U copies of Probotector II for the NES were created, although only one is confirmed to exist.. Based on the NTSC-U sample of Super Probotector, this sample may have the cheats activated by default. Currently, the only known copy is still in the hands of one Niels Pit (despicable asshole; redundant?), of the now-defunct Nespit website. He had purchased the sample on eBay, from seller ARMYX, in 2003.


Photo from ARMYX’s eBay listing, under different lighting:


Niels Pit was contacted in an attempt to get the ROM data of this prototype preserved. He initially seemed open to the request, claiming to agree to the task. However, as it is almost always the case with prototype collectors, their word cannot be relied upon to any significant degree.

He originally responded with the apparent intention in 2014, over 2 years ago, as of this writing (2017). What followed were increasingly spaced replies with the same flimsy excuse of an incompletely set up gaming room, until the replies stopped. It seems he had gotten cold feet and just didn’t want to be blunt about it, what would have saved a lot of trouble. Then again, typical prototype jackass behavior like this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Probotector II is a mix of its North American and Japanese counterparts. Save for the graphical changes, it is essentially the same as the other 2 versions. Whatever differences it may present, although difficult to speculate, would mostly be localization remnants and not early/developmental content.

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