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Title: Super C

Media/Formats: Disk

Developer: Distinctive Software Inc.

Publisher: NTSC-J: Unreleased

NTSC-U: Konami

PAL: Unreleased

Release: NTSC-J: Unreleased

NTSC-U: 1990

PAL: Unreleased

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NOTE: The terms PC DOS and DOS on this website do not refer specifically to the disk operating systems designed for IBM computers, but collectively to all IBM PC compatible ones.

The PC DOS conversion was developed more with the arcade original in mind. As such, despite its name, it more closely resembles the arcade original than the NES version. Super C for DOS is overall a very accurate conversion, retaining nearly all aspects from the original Super Contra. Differences include more options, like for audio (Adlib, PC Speakers, Tandy 100 Sound, etc.) and video (EGA, CGA, Hercules monochrome, Tandy). The simultaneous 2-player mode is retained.

You can also select between keyboard and joystick/gamepad for control. The former makes the firing rate very slow; this is problematic as there are many sections where enemies attack in large groups. The use of a joystick/gamepad is almost essential to complete the game. The bosses, however, have been significantly weakened. The collision detection is quite faulty and the player may occasionally get killed for no reason, especially in the overhead stages.


The game starts you with 10 lives and no continues. However, you are awarded 10 extra lives (for a maximum life count of 20) after completing each stage. You also have the ability to save and load the game, akin to save states; this is achieved either through keyboard shortcuts or after quitting a game session. In addition, there is a cheat code for invincibility (see below). Other limitations include fewer music tracks and a small variety of simplistic sound effects. The major issue with this game is the unbalanced pace; enemies move and attack much faster than their arcade counterparts.

The screenshots of the DOS conversion shown above were captured in the EGA option, which is visually identical to the game’s display on Tandy 1000 machines. The following screenshots show the other 2 graphics adapter options available.



Hercules Monochrome:



3.5″ Disk Release:


5.25″ Disk Release:


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Note: These stage names are unofficial.

Stage 1: Outpost
Stage 2: Base
Stage 3: Jungle
Stage 4: Catacombs
Stage 5: Breeding Ground

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In the DOS conversion, the player’s firing rate varies between using a keyboard or joystick/gamepad. Using a keyboard, the guns are automatic and have a slower firing rate. With joystick/gamepads, the rate can be increased by rapidly pressing the fire button. It is faster than using a keyboard and is almost essential to complete the game.

Powerups are acquired through certain objects scattered throughout the game.



Machine Gun:


The player starts with this gun and, assuming they have a gun powerup, will revert to it when respawning after death.

Rocket Launcher:


Shoots a rapid stream of bullets, fired automatically. At regular power, the firing rate can actually be increased by rapidly pressing the fire button (with gamepad/joystick). Once upgraded, it fires at an extremely high rate automatically. The upgraded Machine Gun is the most powerful and useful weapon in the game, even surpassing the Spread Gun.

Grenade Launcher:


Shoots grenades that, upon impact, produce small explosions that spread horizontally. The explosions are also damaging to enemies. When upgraded, the grenades cause more damage and produce more spreading explosions.

Laser Gun:


Shoots small, strong laser beams at a decent rate. When upgraded, shoots much longer beams at a slower rate.

Spread Gun:


Shoots 3 large, powerful bullets that fan out. When upgraded, it then shoots 5 fanning bullets, but the rate of fire is reduced.

Mega Shell:


Note: This weapon is only available during the overhead stages. A portable bomb that, when detonated, destroys most enemies on-screen and deals heavy damage or destroys bosses/mini-bosses. Can only hold 1 Shell at a time.

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Most, if not all of the names provided here are unofficial. Due to the ambiguity of enemy names between regions, the lack of names for several of them and the absence of various documents, it is impractical to list the correct designations. Help is strongly encouraged and always appreciated to fill in these blanks. The Opposition section serves primarily to describe and depict the enemies for bookkeeping; thus, the content presented below hopefully satisfies this criterion.

Fodder Enemies, Objects

Outpost Unarmed Foot Soldier:


They simply run across parts of the stage, sometimes jumping off of platforms.
Found in stages: 1

Outpost Rifle Foot Soldier:


Similar to the Outpost Unarmed Foot Soldiers, except these enemies stop to fire a bullet at the player before they resume running. Strangely, they’re also found in Stage 4 in this conversion.
Found in stages: 1,3,4

Outpost Sandbag Sniper:


They lay prone on the ground with sandbags in front of them and fire bullets at the player.
Found in stages: 1



Kneeling at an elevated position, they throw grenades down at the player.
Found in stages: 1

Outpost Standing Sniper:


Standing at an elevated position, they fire bullets at the player. This enemy sports green attire.
Found in stages: 1

Shell Crate:


A large box of explosive shells installed atop the stilt tower of Stage 1.
Found in stages: 1

Clothesline Turret:


These glide back and forth along the length of beam tracks embedded in the mid-stage building, firing bullets at the player.
Found in stages: 1

Outpost Ground Turret:


Periodically rises out of the ground to fire bullets at the player; it is vulnerable only in this state.
Found in stages: 1

Base Unarmed Foot Soldier:


They simply run around the screen, often following the player.
Found in stages: 2

Base Rifle Foot Soldier:


Visually indistinguishable from the Base Unarmed Foot Soldiers, except these enemies stop to fire a bullet at the player before they resume running.
Found in stages: 2

Base Standing Sniper:


Standing in place, they fire bullets at the player.
Found in stages: 2

Spread Fire Manned Turret:


A mini-tank that is controlled by a soldier and it actively aims at the player, firing 3 bullets in a spread formation at him.
Found in stages: 2

Guerrilla Foot Soldier:


They simply run across parts of the stage, often dropping down from trees.
Found in stages: 3

Jungle Ground Turret:


Periodically rises out of the ground to fire bullets at the player; it is vulnerable only in this state.
Found in stages: 3

Guerrilla Standing Sniper:


Standing in the trees, they fire bullets at the player. This enemy sports red attire.
Found in stages: 3

Jungle Sandbag Sniper:


They lay prone on the grass with sandbags in front of them and fire bullets at the player.
Found in stages: 3

Triple Shell Cannon:


This large cannon fires 3 explosive shells in an arcing trajectory approximately once every 2 seconds. The shells’ distance and range vary randomly.
Found in stages: 3

Face Hugger:


Alien arachnids that crawl along the ground or through the trees. The ones in the trees drop down to the ground.
Found in stages: 3

Crawling Skull Bug:


In Stage 3, they’re initially burrowed in the grass with the top of their heads exposed; they rise out and run towards the player when approached. These bugs can be killed while they’re inactive. On stage 4, they’re dropped from the Alien Hovercraft.
Found in stages: 3,4

Incubated Infant Metal Alien:


Infant-stage Metal Alien inside a large egg. The egg frequently opens up and the alien peers out to fire a line of organic projectiles. These projectiles home in on the player.
Found in stages: 3

Reptilian Cephalopod:


One is present on each arm of the Voodoo-Mask Alien. They sidestep along the arms, occasionally dropping a deadly goo out of their mouths.
Found in stages: 3

Alien Worm:


Stored in, and thrown out from, the Abdominal Reservoir of the Voodoo-Mask Alien. They also hatch from Worm Eggs in Stage 4. These tubular aliens rapidly crawl along the ground.
Found in stages: 3,4

Alien Grunt:


Humanoid aliens that simply run across sections of the stage, sometimes jumping off of platforms. They take multiple shots to defeat.
Found in stages: 4

Pseudopodal Embryo:


They fly into the stage from the background scenery, moving in erratic orbiting patterns and sometimes homing in on the player.
Found in stages: 4

Flying Skull Bug:


Similar in appearance to the Crawling Skull Bugs, these creatures repeatedly charge in the player’s direction, going as far as stalking him.
Found in stages: 4

Worm Egg:


Resting on the ground, these alien eggs hatch an infinite number of Alien Worms.
Found in stages: 4

Defense Beetle:


Alien beetles that crawl down from the top of the screen; they attempt to follow the player.
Found in stages: 5

Offense Beetle:


Alien beetles that crawl down from the top of the screen; they attempt to follow the player. In addition, these bugs stop to fire bullets at the player. The Offense Beetles are visually indistinguishable from Defense Beetles.
Found in stages: 5

Ground Mouth:


Large mouths with several large, sharp teeth. These organisms infest a patch of ground on Stage 5. They can be tough to evade; a small delay when they begin springing out gives the player the warning that they will spawn.
Found in stages: 5

Chatter Head:


Large heads with exposed brains; they lack facial features, except for their gaping mouths. These enemies orbit around the player in groups, essentially serving as an inverse barrier: they protect the enemies outside of what they orbit. This makes it easier for surrounding enemies to kill the player.

While they do leave when the player progresses to a certain point in the stage, it is much more recommended to destroy them since the player unable to attack other enemies..
Found in stages: 5

Infant Beetle:


These small alien bugs are found in the prominent bug gauntlet segment of stage 5. They exit a foramen on the right side, cross the player’s path to enter a foramen on the other side. As these aliens appear in groups of 3 and there are holes for a long stretch of a stage, they can easily overwhelm the player.

These aliens also appear out of the 2 lateral caves during the battle with Alien Beast Hydra.
Found in stages: 5

Lateral Head:


They frequently spring out of their caves and extend in the direction of the player. Only their heads are vulnerable, not their long necks.
Found in stages: 5


M4A4 Tank:


Rises on a lift out of the ground. A soldier is stationed at the hatch, periodically firing bullets at the player. The tank drives back and forth, periodically firing a shell. This mini-boss is optional, but will cost a life to skip.
Found in stages: 1

Navy Helicopter:


This helicopter consists of several destructible components. Built into its body panels are a few destructible Armored Plates. Many of these are optional, but some serve as a temporary barrier to more important components of the vehicle, such as the Vehicle Energy Core.

The Chopper Turrets actively aim and fire bullets at the player. While they are optional, some of them obscure access to the Vehicle Energy Core, which is the main goal of this battle. The core itself is also concealed by an Armored Plate.

The helicopter first flies to the bottom-right of the screen, where Outpost Unarmed Foot Soldiers and Outpost Rifle Foot Soldiers deploy from its open back hatch. The mini-boss flies around the screen twice in a rough counter-clockwise path before leaving off-screen. Therefore, this mini-boss is optional, but will likely cost lives to skip.
Found in stages: 1

Spread Fire Tank:


The player battles 2 of these tanks, one after the other. They drive in from the side of the screen and park in front of the player. A soldier peers out of the hatch, actively aiming and firing bullets at the player within a narrow downward arc range. The tank itself fires 3 bullets downwards in a spread formation. These mini-bosses are optional.
Found in stages: 2

Alien Hovercraft:


Simply flies back and forth above the player. It frequently drops Crawling Skull Bugs from its 2 open side doors.
Found in stages: 4

Alien Beast Hydra:


5-faced alien creature whose head peers out of a large cave. It rapidly fires bullets at the player’s position between short intervals. Additionally, Infant Beetles spawn from the lateral caves.
Found in stages: 5


Entrance Security:


Consists of several components, including the Security Lock Energy Core, which is the main goal of this battle. Standing in front of this core are a Grenadier and an Outpost Standing Sniper on either side of him. They are protected by Sandbag Barricades. In addition, Outpost Unarmed Foot Soldiers and Outpost Rifle Foot Soldiers spawn from the left and right side, at ground level and from elevated ledges.

Although the core is the main goal and the other components are optional, at least the Grenadier and middle Sandbag Barricade must be destroyed to it. It is also recommended to destroy the other components to make the battle easier. As it receives more damage, the core pulses faster.
Found in stages: 1

Heavy Assault Tank:


Controlled by 3 troops, the tank drives around the perimeter of the battle area. Installed at its anterior end is an extendable electrical offense weapon. The Main Operator is in the back-center of the tank; he does not fire any weapons and is the goal of this battle. Protecting him are 2 anterolateral Tank Gunners.
Found in stages: 2

Voodoo-Mask Alien:


This boss makes use of multiple components to attack. Resting on each of its arms is a Reptilian Cephalopod. Its gut serves as an Abdominal Reservoir of Alien Worms. Worms are passively thrown out of it, at a slow rate; however, each time the abdomen is hit by a bullet, it also throws out a worm.

The Voodoo Head is the main goal of this battle. After the Abdominal Reservoir is destroyed, it wakes up and periodically fires 3 bullets in a spread formation. Although all other components are optional, the Abdominal Reservoir must be destroyed to access the head.
Found in stages: 3

Metal Alien:


A xenomorphic, winged alien. This creature periodically dives down to random spots on the ground and then retracts. Additionally, it fires the same homing, organic projectiles as the Incubated Infant Metal Alien.
Found in stages: 4

Emperor-Demon Gyaba:


The final boss of the game. It consists of several components, only one of which is the main goal. There is a large central head and 2 small Lateral Heads.

The Lateral Heads frequently spring out of their caves and extend in the direction of the player. Only their heads are vulnerable, not their long necks.

The central head contains the Cervical Fetus, the main goal; Protective Eyes in front of the Exposed Brain, serving as a temporary barrier; Pulsing Earlobes. The main head also periodically shoots 3 bullets in a spread formation at the player.

Overall, it is highly recommended to destroy at least some of the components to make this battle easier.
Found in stages: 5

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Invincibility: During gameplay press I+N+V simultaneously.


Death Pits: Due to the unstable programming of this conversion, the player may inexplicably get killed at certain points in the levels, especially in the overhead levels. One notable example is during the stage 2 boss fight: the upper part of the battlefield kills the player for no reason. It is best to take note of the spots in this game that inexplicably kill the player to avoid them during plays.

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Red Falcon returns to Earth after its first defeat, bringing new aliens and weapons to its aid. Its prominent new attack strategy is compromising the minds of US military personnel. Mad Dog and Scorpion have far greater odds against them when facing the pact of the aliens and their own comrades. Yet history repeats as the 2 guerrilla veterans gain another victory over Red Falcon.

The plot is lifted from the NES conversion, but contains minor changes. For example, it briefly describes the stage 2 boss (tank) as an alien recruit.


Mad Dog – protagonist; playable

Scorpion – protagonist; playable

Red Falcon – antagonist; lead alien entity

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•Thunder Landing
•Ruined Base – Great Heli
•In A Tight Squeeze
•Jungle Juncture
•No Escape
•Hotter Than Hell
•Pattern Clear No. 2
•Free World

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This conversion was released in 2 different formats, 3.5″ and 5.25″ disk releases. Both are identical in content.

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This conversion was released only in North America.

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There is currently no known developmental material to present.

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-This conversion was programmed with a copy-protection scheme upon boot-up, which was commonly used in home computer games around its time. Players must input a specific code, among an array of codes that are found in characteristic copy-protected paper, at the prompt in order to play the game.

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Konami The Dirty:
The ending to the original Super Contra for arcade may seem inappropriate due to the way Bill (right) motions his gun.

Indeed, the carefully observant player may not be the only one to have noticed this. The ending to both home computer conversions, Super C, have a slightly different take on how Bill signals the arriving helicopter.


Commodore Amiga:

On a side note, pay close attention to the jeep in the arcade original: the word Konami is painted on its side.

Economy Shipping:
A common practice of Konami (and possibly other game companies) with the home computer conversions that they publish is that all of the versions of a given title feature identical packaging; this includes the box, instruction manual and (usually) inserts. The package differs mainly in the actual video game media itself (ie: Commodore disks, 5.25″ DOS disks, 3.5″ DOS disks, etc.) and its labels.

To account for all of the versions, the necessary information pertaining to each is combined when listed on the box and discussed in the instruction booklets. This is an effective economical strategy for distribution, as most of the package contents are usually not specific to one version. In the instructions, for example, only the game loading and controls must be explained for each; the game’s story, company information and other such information are usually shared.

Therefore, for example, owners of a Commodore 64 title may also find information about its DOS and Amiga counterparts in the manual. The releases are distinguished from each other simply by a sticker, or the absence of one, on the front of the boxes that indicate for which home computer they are intended.

The DOS and Amiga versions of Super Contra were both published by Konami and, therefore, feature this shared packaging scheme. The latter’s box has a sticker, stating that it is the Commodore 64 version, pasted over the section denoting the DOS release. Likewise, the later 3.5″ disk variant of Super C for DOS also has a sticker over the section on the box labeling it as such.

Not Contra:
Interestingly, the C is intended to stand for Commando, instead of Contra, according to the game’s box.

Love Is Alienating:
Konami’s Nintendo 3DS dating sim New LovePlus features a rendition of the stage 2 theme (In a Tight Squeeze).

Recycled Relics:
Numerous elements from its predecessor, Contra, have been reused in Super Contra. They span all aspects of the game, from sound/music to gameplay and from obvious to highly subtle. Often, they undergo minor modifications and variations. Similarly, the concept may be reused in a new or different application. The reuse may not even be intentional (ie, independent implementation). All such elements are listed below. In parentheses are any particularities or if the given element pertains to a specific version of Contra. The majority of these items pertain the original arcade version of Contra, unless specifically stated.


-Stage themes:
Enemy base

-Player characters:
Mad Dog (NES Contra, North American release)
Scorpion (NES Contra, North American release)

-Red Falcon organization

-Powerups appear in flying blimps

-Helicopter in the ending (NES Contra)

Sound Effects

-Player death (loosely)

-Arsenal (see here for more information):
Laser Gun (loosely)
Grenade Gun (loosely similar to Spread Gun)


-To some extent, the variant of the victory theme played after defeating the penultimate boss


-Bill and Lance are essentially sprite variants (arcade Contra)

-Bill and Lance’s attire colors (Famicom Contra)

-Roll-up jump

-Gun powerups are represented by gun sprites (arcade Contra’s Machine Gun and Laser Gun)


-Side scrolling (horizontal and vertical)

-Simultaneous 2 player mode

-1-hit death

-Temporary invincibility upon respawning

-Temporary invincibility upon starting each stage

-No continues (same as many conversions of Contra)

-Lives gained after completing each stage (similar to the Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64 conversions)

-8 primary and 8 intermediary aiming directions

-Shooting mechanics

-Powerup arsenal

-Powerups lost upon death

-Arsenal (see here for more information):
Normal Gun
Machine Gun
Laser Gun
Spread Gun
Shell (NES Contra’s Special)

-Opposition (see here for more information):
Unarmed Foot Soldier (side view)
Rifle Foot Soldier (side view)
Guerrilla Foot Soldier (side view)
Unarmed Foot Soldier (overhead view)
Rifle Foot Soldier (overhead view)
Standing Sniper (side view)
Guerrilla Sniper (side view)
Standing Sniper (overhead view)
Face Hugger
Worm Egg

Breeding Ground

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Posters And Ads

-Konami advertising booklet Look Where Konami Is Going To Take You:


-Collective brochure by Konami for home computer conversions of their games, Konami’s New Computer Games Cure Terminal Boredom:


-Collective brochure by Konami for home computer conversions of their games, Introducing the Hardest Software Ever:


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