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During its more active days, the Contra series had its fair share of rumors. They ranged from game releases to game content. There are currently no known rumors or myths that were ultimately proven to be true, rendering all of them to be hoaxes. On this page, the more notable and widespread allegations are listed and described, categorized into their respective games and systems (if applicable).

Rumored game releases and announcements described here are not suited for other sections, such as the Cancelled Games section, since these ones hold little to no credible sources. Many of the false cheats are the result of dubious submissions by individuals to cheat sites in the past, during a period where the integrity of verification had little merit. The publicized cheat submissions would then be picked up by other sites, thus spreading the misinformation.

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•Super Contra – None Yet
•Operation C – None Yet
Contra III: The Alien Wars
Contra: Hard Corps
Contra: Legacy Of War
•C: The Contra Adventure – None Yet
Contra: Shattered Soldier
•Neo Contra – None Yet
•Contra 4 – None Yet
•Contra Rebirth – None Yet
•Contra Force – None Yet
•Hard Corps: Uprising – None Yet



Mini gun: This cheat/secret claims that a hidden powerup, the mini gun, can be acquired during the brain boss battle on the Normal and Hard difficulty settings. When choosing the spiky rocks option, the brain drops gun powerups and smart bombs, along with dangerous spiky rocks. During this selection, an M powerup is allegedly dropped; when acquired, the player is given the mini gun, the most powerful weapon in the game.

Not only is this claim unproven, no game data has been found to provide any gun powerups that fire a powerful, rapid stream of bullets/projectiles. Several websites carried a cheat submission for the mini gun. Although most instances of this hoax have disappeared, some still remain.


Secret Level: The player is instructed to input BIER as a password to access an alleged secret stage that is given no description. The password itself is invalid, as there is no I or E letters in the selection of characters for the password. Additionally, hidden levels would have been discovered through the use of patch codes; there already exist some patch codes to access all 5 known levels of the game.

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Unlimited Lives: The following button code is instructed vaguely to be input before the game starts: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, A, B, B, A. An invalid code that bears some resemblance to the Konami Code, this cheat was present on numerous game cheat websites.

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Contra Mini-Game: An alleged Contra mini-game can be played at the same semi-hidden arcade hut found on stage 2. In reality, the only 2 mini-games that can be played from that hut are listed in the Contra: Legacy of War page’s cheats section; they are the Gyruss clone and Pac Tank (see here).

PSN Port: The ESRB website erroneously listed PSN ports of Contra: Legacy of War (for both PS3 and PSP), in 2009. Certain video game news websites picked up on this detail and included it in their post about upcoming PSN titles. Not only is this incorrect entry still present on their website, a few other nonexistent titles are listed as well: a mobile version of Contra III: The Alien Wars by Handster and a PC version of C: The Contra Adventure (actually cancelled, see here).

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99 Credits: At the title screen, input the following button combination: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, CIRCLE, SQUARE, SELECT. Then, select 2-player mode. This code has been proven to be false.

99 Continues: On controller 1, input the following button combination: LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, SQUARE, CIRCLE, SQUARE, CIRCLE, SELECT, START. Highlight the Options menu to activate it for 1-player mode; highlight 1-player mode to activate it for 2-player mode. Some sites alternatively claim that this grants the player 99 lives. This code has been proven to be false.

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Contra For Sega Game Gear: There had been a widespread belief that a Contra game existed for Sega Game Gear, which is still a problem with several cheat code websites today. One would find a lives code, providing amounts such as 30 or 32, for this nonexistent title on big video game sites, such as IGN (still present).

In reality, the code is useless since the game that it is intended for does not exist. There are no known records of a Contra for Game Gear. Furthermore, no developmental records (official announcements, magazine listings, etc.) exist that describe a Contra for Game Gear. On a related note, there had been short-lived, more obscure speculation of a Game Gear game with the title of Contra Adventure. This is also nonexistent.

Contra King System: A mobile game or mobile device whose existence is weakly acknowledged, only by a vague and suspicious entry on IGN. According to the website, this entry was showcased at the 2006 Tokyo Game Show. Due to the scarcity in coverage of the convention, very little is known or can be confirmed about whatever mobile software/hardware was showcased. It is worth noting that the only known mention of Contra at TGS 2006 is the announcement of the XBox 360 Live Arcade port.

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5 Responses to “RUMORS/MYTHS”

  1. Interesting stuff. I particularly interesting rumors about NES games – I want to compare them with those that existed in my district.

    • That would be pretty neat to do. As another example, I know that in China, there is some myth on NES Contra involving a hidden underwater stage that replaces stage 8 Alien Lair. The myth began a very long time ago and people still make topics about it today (in that Chinese Contra dedicated forum). I don’t know why the myth continues to be believed/suggested to this day, since ROM data analysis has shown there to be no extra/hidden levels. Perhaps it reflects the enthusiasm of Contra players and the fun they still have with the series; that they still show interest in the games, so they keep it alive with these amusing stories.

      • Yes, “underwater 8th” is very popular myth. I saw articles with three mainly reasons for the origin of the myth:
        1. Graphical glitch before the boss of sixth level – an enemy soldier get a different set of graphics and one his frame looks like a very mutated frog.
        2. Super Contra II
        3. Defective batch of cartridges.

        In Internet I saw myth about secret “C” weapon in Contra (NES). Capsule with this weapon flies above the edge of the screen, so you can get it just by chance.

        And a few myths I’ve encountered personally.
        1. “F” from Contra is more powerful than one from Super C. And there is no Barrier in Super C. At that time, only one my friend played the first part and I knew about it only by his stories.
        2. We had bootleg version of Super Contra (that with weapon and level select). And one my friend accidentally got “an ultimate cheat-table, which allows you to set start weapon, number of lives, level and even playable character”. I did not see it. Most likely, it was sound test.
        We have repeatedly tried to get this table again, but in vain. However, due to this was opened pirate 30 lives cheat.

  2. However the truth is it exist . It only exist in MSX contra .

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