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Operation C introduced (or at least standardized) the convention of automatically firing guns to the Contra series.

Default Machine Gun:

New to the Contra series for a standalone game, the player’s default weapon is a Machine Gun. The player starts with this gun and, assuming they have a gun powerup, will revert to it when respawning after death. Rapidly fires bullets.

Powerups are acquired through certain objects and enemies scattered throughout the game.



-Unique occurrence, where an H powerup is hidden in an inactive enemy on Stage 4:


-Unique occurrence, where an H powerup is hidden in an inactive enemy on Stage 5:


Spread Gun (S):


Shoots 3 large, powerful bullets that fan out. When upgraded, it then shoots 5 fanning bullets. Due to the handling of player bullets, excessive firing will cause the bullets to gradually lose their formation, spreading less and less. This is the only gun that can be upgraded, and it is done by acquiring another Spread Gun powerup (the same way as the arcade version of Super Contra).

Fireball Gun (F):


Shoots fireballs that, upon impact, explode into 4 smaller fireballs that spread diagonally out. Functions similar to the Fireball Gun from the NES version Super Contra, but does not fire a powered shot.

Homing Gun (H):


Introduced to the series is a homing gun. Shoots a barrage of bullets that very briefly fan out like the Spread Gun, but immediately seek out enemy targets. Repeated fire breaks down the spread formation and it then fires the bullets in single file. It is considered the best gun in the game. Its only drawback is that the bullets may fail to hit targets at crucial moments, costing the player their life.

Credit to Game Kommander for most of the screenshots presented.

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