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The following shot is courtesy of Kikizo during their earlier, more prominent tenure with the video game industry.

-Screenshot from the third stage, with a different layout of protruding rocks in the water:


The following shots are courtesy of Gaming Age.

-The first stage, with different enemy placements at this point compared to the final:


-During the battle with Guerrilla Contra; the player has an unusually low hit rate score by this point; either they warped to this point, there are different enemy placements throughout the stage prior to this point or the player simply ran through the stage without destroying any non-boss enemies:


-Stage 2, featuring a different color dinosaur-like creature and the lock-on message reading LOCK, instead of LOCKED:


-Stage 3, with different enemy placement at this point and the dashing mech sports a different color:


-Lock-on message reads LOCK, instead of LOCKED; strangely, the flame weapon in the set depicted (B) is the Classic Fireball from set C, instead of the Flame Whip:


-The tank is further to the right in this shot of level 1, compared to the final:


-Second stage, with different colors of the red dinosaur-like creature and the vehicle mini-boss; strangely, the flame weapon in the set depicted (C) is the Flame Whip from set B, instead of the Classic Fireball:


It appears that the build in the screenshots provided by Gaming Age is earlier than that depicted in the screenshots by Kikizo. They feature different enemy placements and the flame weapons from sets B and C are swapped.

Tokyo Game Show trailer for Neo Contra, featuring an early Japanese build:

The most notable element about the gameplay presented is that the weapon sets have frequently swapped constituents between shots. They either provided footage of the game from different stages of development or, more interestingly, a weapon set customization feature may have been planned.

-The following screenshots are courtesy of a Neo Contra press disc.

-Different stage designs:







-Different design of the missile target indicators:


-Different stage design and Katana weapon set:


-Zoomed-in scene angle:


-Different mini-boss colors:


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