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The weapon system of Neo Contra expands on that of Contra: Shattered Soldier, in addition to some modifications. As in the predecessor, the player only has 3 weapons throughout the stages. However, there are numerous weapon sets to choose from, with a few that must be unlocked. Each set has specific weapon types: a hitscan/bullet gun, a fire weapon and a lock-on weapon. The lock-on weapon is used mainly to destroy targets that are out of the range of the other 2 weapon types. Furthermore, Jaguar is able to wield his Katana. Except for the lock-on weapons, all others feature automatic firing.

Weapon Set A:

Hitscan/Bullet – Machine Gun:


The same Machine Gun from Contra: Shattered Soldier. Shoots a rapid stream of bullets. It is effective for long-range targets.

Fire – Grenade Bomb:


Similar to the Grenade Launcher from Contra: Shattered Soldier. Shoots grenades that bounce on the floor and explode either upon impact or after traveling a short distance. Deals heavy damage to close range targets.

Lock-On – Lock On Missile:


Shoots up to 4 moderate-speed missiles that flexibly seek the targets. Can be used to easily destroy enemies around obstacles.

Weapon Set B:

Hitscan/Bullet – Charge Shot:


The shot is charged by holding the fire button; a large, narrow projectile is fired. Due to the charge time and narrow shot, it can be difficult to use. Simply pressing the fire button shoots a small, weak blast.

Fire – Fire Whip:


The same Flamethrower from Contra: Shattered Soldier. Produces a short-range burst of flames, dealing moderate damage constantly. It can also deflect minor projectiles.

Lock-On – Lock On Laser:


Shoots up to 5 lasers that are faster and more flexible than the Lock On Missile. The lasers are, however, weaker than the missiles.

Weapon Set C:

Hitscan/Bullet – Spread Shot:


Shoots bullets that spread at a big angle. Very strong at short range. However, the short range is also a disadvantage, as is its slow firing rate.

Fire – Classic Fireball:


Functions similar to the Fireball Gun from the NES version of Contra. 2 fireballs in a helical configuration are shot quickly and are very damaging. The weapon, however, has a somewhat low fire rate.

Lock-On – Lock On Thunder:


Shoots up to 8 bolts of lightning. The bolts are instantaneous, yet are weak and struggle to hit targets behind barriers.

The following 3 sets must be unlocked.

Weapon Set D:

Hitscan/Bullet – Lightning:


The most powerful and effective hitscan/bullet weapon in the game. Produces instant, long-range lightning bolts. The bolts are highly damaging and penetrate through enemies. If other targets are nearby when one target is hit, the electricity reflects and deals partial damage to those nearby ones.

Fire – G Bazooka:


Fires highly damaging, long-range missiles at a decent rate.

Lock-On – Heaven’s Laser:


The most effective lock-on weapon in the game. Up to 4 powerful lasers are shot; these lasers are instantaneous and pass through obstacles.

Weapon Set E:

Hitscan/Bullet – Drill:


Shoots a drill that, upon contact with targets, slowly pierces through them. As a result, it inflicts intense damage. Its slow rate of fire makes it difficult to use, but is effective against bosses with large hitboxes.

Fire – Reflective Laser:


Shoots a long beam that bounces off walls numerous times. Mostly effective in closed-in spaces.

Lock-On – Fairy Laser:


Shoots up to 6 orbs that initially orbit above the player, then actively seek targets in short, quick bursts. The shots are very flexible and inflict high damage, but are very slow at reaching targets.

Weapon Set F:

Hitscan/Bullet – Ripple Laser:


Shoots oval ring-shaped lasers that expand as they travel. The lasers are fast and cause moderate damage.

Fire – 6V Laser:


Shoots a very powerful, long-range, fiery laser. Effective against stationary or slower targets.

Lock-On – Variable Weapon:


Shoots up to 4 projectiles that combine the properties of the Lock On Missile and the Lock On Laser. The projectiles are both fast and damaging.

The following weapons are specific to Jaguar and must be unlocked:



Replaces the hitscan/bullet guns of sets A, B and E. It is the second strongest weapon in the game. Jaguar expertly swings it through enemies. Its swings can absorb minor projectiles. Its drawback, naturally, is the very short range. When used, Jaguar takes steps forward, which may result in death from enemy contact.

Fire Katana:


Replaces the fire guns of sets C, D and F. It is the strongest weapon in the game. Jaguar expertly swings it through enemies. Its swings can absorb minor projectiles. Its drawback, naturally, is the very short range. When used, Jaguar takes steps forward, which may result in death from enemy contact.

Credit to cx4 for the images presented.

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