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If you enter the Konami Code during the loading screen before the first level, the level’s background music will change to a rendition of the classic Jungle theme.

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Players who bought the full game through the trial demo after the latest software update were rewarded with 15 000 000 free CP to use in the shop.

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The leader of the protagonists shares the same name as the antagonist of Contra: Hard Corps (Bahamut). However, the 2 characters are more than likely not the same.

Colonel Bahamut (Contra: Hard Corps):

Bahamut (Hard Corps: Uprising):

They share no similarities or any real allusions to one another; likewise, the plot of Hard Corps: Uprising does not provide any reliable link to Colonel Bahamut from Contra: Hard Corps. In addition, the Dr. Mandrake of this game shares only the name with the Dr. Mandrake of Contra: Hard Corps. The names of these characters are evidently mere references. That there lacks any real connection further enforces the notion that Hard Corps: Uprising, though similar in gameplay, is unrelated to the Contra series. It is also safe for one to assume that this game is not meant to play as another Contra game, but a separate side scrolling shooter.

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One of the achievements (XBox 360), or trophies (Playstation 3), is called “Innate Guerrilla Warfare”. This could be a nod to one of the meanings behind the title “Contra”.

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You may find the number 573 throughout the game, like the cost of the UPRISING R 1-UP. This is in reference to the name Konami, using the practice of goroawase. Here is the Japanese translation:

5 is “go” in Japanese, though it is often the case of pronouncing it “ko”.
7 is “nana” in Japanese (abbreviated to “na”).
3 is “mittsu” in Japanese (abbreviated to “mi”).

One instance of 573 in the game is the number of continues that can be unlocked. Initially, a code similar to the Konami Code input during gameplay would grant the 573 continues. However, due to a bug in one of the game’s updates, the code no longer works. Instead, players must lose all lives and continues 100 times to gain 573 continues.

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The names of the purchasable 1-UP’s are dead-on references to Contra games:

UPRISING S = Super Contra
UPRISING OC = Operation C
UPRISING III = Contra III: The Alien Wars
UPRISING HC = Contra: Hard Corps
UPRISING SS = Contra: Shattered Soldier
UPRISING N = Neo Contra
UPRISING DS = Contra Dual Spirits (Japanese version of Contra 4)
UPRISING R = Contra ReBirth

Interestingly, there is no 1-up representing the original Contra (ie, a lack of UPRISING C).

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When playing as Harley Daniels, he utters the line “What is this place?” at the start of the fifth stage. This is a reference to the intro of the arcade version of Super Contra, where Bill utters the same line.

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In conjunction with this game’s release, Hard Corps: Uprising costumes were released for the Playstation Home:

Somewhat related, the attire, equipment or color palette of some of the characters may make reference to other series or culture:

-One of Krystal’s color palette: Samus Aran from the Metroid video game series
-Another one of Krystal’s color palettes: Noel Vermillion from Blazblue: Contiuum Shift
-One of Leviathan’s color palettes: EVA-01 from the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series
-Another one of Leviathan’s color palettes: Master Chief from the Halo video game series
-Sayuri’s Raikiri Sword upgrade: the tale of real-life Japanese samurai Tachibana Dōsetsu and his sword of the same name

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The first section of stage 5 requires the player to sneak through a base past patrol and surveillance. The entire setup is a direct reference to the Metal Gear series, by Konami, including surveillance devices and fields of view. Furthermore, the player can opt to sneak past various areas while hiding in a cardboard box:


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The Stage 4 boss, named Lux Corona, bears a strong resembles to the commonly encountered enemy of the Gradius series, Big Core:



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The BGM and background design of stage 3 are reminiscent of the Castlevania series. The stairs segment near the end of the fifth stage is also reminiscent of Castlevania.

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The main character of Hard Corps: Uprising, Bahamut, shares some similarities with the main character of the Guilty Gear series, Sol Badguy. Both are products of Arc System Works.



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Numerous elements from its predecessors have been reused in Hard Corps: Uprising. They span all aspects of the game, from sound/music to gameplay and from obvious to highly subtle. Often, they undergo minor modifications and variations. Similarly, the concept may be reused in a new or different application. The reuse may not even be intentional (ie, independent implementation). All such elements are listed below. In parentheses are any particularities or if the given element pertains to a specific version of a Contra game. This list is currently incomplete; contributions are welcome and will be appreciated.


-Stage themes (details below):
Enemy base

-Stage names during gameplay (NES Contra)

-Player characters:
Bahamut (Contra: Hard Corps)

-Other characters:
Dr. Mandrake (Contra: Hard Corps)

-Powerups appear in flying blimps (arcade Contra)

-Jet bike segments (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-River raft segment (Neo Contra)

-Helicopter insertion for some stages, including stage 1 (arcade Super Contra)

-Assistant helicopter (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Helicopter escape after final boss is defeated (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Warning message for bosses (Contra: Shattered Soldier)

-Instructional messages throughout the stages (Contra ReBirth)

-Diamond “!” warning signs (Contra ReBirth)

-Stats screen at the end of each stage, with rank (Contra: Shattered Soldier)

Sound Effects

-Player landing at the start of some of the stages (NES Contra)

-Player running after completing the Jungle stage (NES Super Contra)

-Drum beat from an enemy in the Jungle stage (Operation C)

-Harley Daniel’s line at the start of Stage 5 (arcade Super Contra)

Music (all from arcade Contra)

Desert theme, opening segment
Desert, alternate theme

-Title screen theme

-Victory theme

-Game Over theme


-Roll-up jump (arcade Contra)

-Gun powerups are represented by falcon sprites (arcade Contra)

-Bosses and strong enemies blink white when damaged (Contra III: The Alien Wars)


-Side scrolling (horizontal and vertical; arcade Contra)

-Simultaneous 2 player mode (arcade Contra)

-Ability to take the other player’s lives to return into the game session (NES Contra)

-Character selection with unique properties (Contra Force, Contra: Hard Corps)

-Difficulty settings, somewhat, established by Rising Mode and Arcade Mode (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-1-hit death (Arcade Mode; arcade Contra)

-Death pits (arcade Contra)

-Temporary invincibility when hit and upon respawning (arcade Contra)

-Invincibility upon defeating the stage boss (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Continue system (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Ability to save some progress and unlocked features (Contra: Shattered Soldier)

-Point-based life gaining system (arcade Contra)

-Health pickup (C: The Contra Adventure)

-Konami Code variant for extra lives (NES Contra)

-Stage select (Rising Mode; Famicom Contra)

-8 aiming directions (NES Contra)

-Hanging on rails and climbing walls/ceilings (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Shooting mechanics (Contra 4)

-Powerup arsenal (arcade Contra)

-Powerups, when equipped, lost upon death (arcade Contra)

-Position lock (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Aim lock (Contra: Shattered Soldier)

-Ability to hold 2 guns (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Arsenal (see here for more information):
Normal Gun (arcade Contra)
Super Machine Gun (arcade Contra, Contra 4)
Spread Gun (arcade Contra, Super Contra)
Laser Gun (Contra III: The Alien Wars, Contra 4)
Crash (Contra: Shattered Soldier, Contra 4)
Heated Plasma (NES Super Contra, loosely)
Rapid Fire (NES Contra)
Slide (Contra: Hard Corps)
Sword (Neo Contra)

-Powerups blink and disappear after a brief moment if not picked up (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Arsenal can be upgraded (arcade Super Contra)

-Destructible environment with items concealed (Contra Force, loosely)

-Opposition (see here for more information):
Manned Turret (arcade Contra)
Smart Turret (NES Contra)

-Bosses (see below)

-Bosses have increased health in 2 player mode (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

Desert (arcade Super Contra, Contra III: The Alien Wars)
Jungle (arcade Contra)
Ruins (Contra ReBirth)
Capital Highway (Contra III: The Alien Wars; Contra: Hard Corps)
Capital Laboratory (Operation C)
Capital Railway (Contra: Hard Corps)
Capital Tower Building (Contra: Hard Corps)

-Explosive radius damage from barrels (Contra: Shattered Soldier)

-Waterfall segment in stage 2 (arcade Contra)

-River segment in stage 2 (Neo Contra)

-Destructible wall in stage 3 (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Left scrolling segment in stage 3 (MSX Contra)

-Powerups slide across the road in stage 4 (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Riding through tunnel in stage 4 (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Flying segment in stage 4 (Contra: Shattered Soldier)

-Descending elevator while fighting mini-boss in stage 5 (C: The Contra Adventure)

-Elevator segments in stage 7 (NES Super Contra)

-Climbing segments in stage 7 (Contra: Hard Corps)

-Left scrolling segment in stage 7 (MSX Contra)

-Moving platforms in stage 7 (arcade Contra)

-Scaling a building wall in stage 7 (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Missile riding segments in stages 7 and 8 (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Auto-scrolling segment in stage 7 (Contra: Hard Corps)

-Ceiling dropping segment in stage 8 (NES Super Contra)

-Elevator segment in stage 8 (NES Super Contra)

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The classic wall boss appears in stage 1 and stage 2:


Segmented snake bot, similar to the snake alien from the first stage of Contra: Shattered Soldier:


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  1. Colonel Bill Says:

    For the Paralogs thing, Bahamut in gameplay and character does act like Bill Rizer from other Contra games, and there are theories saying Bahamut in HCU is Bill Rizer of original Contra. Leviathan could be based off Lance Bean as both have similar style as well as role (Leviathan in HCU has the similar role as Lance in Shattered Soldier). Plus, Leviathan isn’t explicitly dying in game so theories saying him being Lance Bean also exist here.

    • The player character parallel between Bahamut and Bill can be applied to Ray from Contra: Hard Corps as well. Likewise, a lot of similarities and analogies can be made between many of the characters and motifs from different games in the series. Unfortunately, the theories will remain as such and cannot be confirmed.

  2. Colonel Bill Says:

    Also for the music thing, the boss music in HCU is similar to Super Contra’s.

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