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Contra: Shattered Soldier introduced a unique weapon system that drastically strays from the series’ convention. The player is given only 3 guns, but they remain with the player throughout the game. There are absolutely no powerups to gain. However, each gun includes an alternate shot by holding the charge button briefly. All 3 guns feature automatic firing.

Machine Gun:


Shoots a rapid stream of bullets. It is effective for long-range targets. The charged shot is a projectile that travels a short distance before transiently firing machine gun rounds in 2 opposite directions, in a spin-wheel pattern.



Produces a short-range burst of flames, dealing moderate damage constantly. Its charged shot is a powerful, flaming projectile that penetrates enemies and obstacles.

Grenade Launcher:


Weakly shoots grenades that quickly drop to the floor and roll across the screen. When aimed diagonally, it is launched in arcing trajectories that can be used strategically. When charged, it shoots several trailing shots that actively seek enemy targets.

For all 3 guns, holding the charge button too briefly produces a very weak fireball.

Helicopter Blade Dash: Not a regular weapon and not used directly. In Stage 4, as the player is descending into the underground base, they use a compact helicopter device. By pressing X during this segment, the player thrusts upwards and the helicopter blades can inflict a quick burst of damage to enemies that they contact.

Credit to cx4 for the images presented.

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