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-The PAL release can be considered a review or debug pre-release version of the game since a developmental feature was unintentionally kept upon release (the Debug Menu). In fact, it can be considered a pre-release of both the PAL and NTSC-U versions, as both are identical.

The debug menu can be accessed by pressing + and 1 simultaneously on the Wiimote. This is a Japanese-based menu for 2 reasons: invincibility is denoted as “muteki” and Tsugu-Min is listed in the character select. The debug menu offers many convenient cheats, like 99 lives, invincibility and level select with difficulty. 2 important points to get out of this:

One of the selectable stages is a test level that you cannot normally access. It is a very small Super Mario style stage with no enemies and a few clinging bars.

The other point is that you can access the true final boss on the easy setting through this menu. The gameplay quirks associated with easy mode remain (keeping your gun after dying) and the boss indeed seems easier to beat. The ending sequence plays the same as in the higher difficulty settings.

This suggests that the final battle is not “missing” from the easy mode; it is simply dummied out (a process done to many of the cheats of the Japanese versions of earlier Contra games when they’re released internationally). In Contra Rebirth’s case, it may be via a difficulty check in the fifth stage’s code.

-The game data contains falcon sprites for 2 gun powerups that are not present in any of the stages.


There does not appear to be any code programmed for their functionality.

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