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While Contra ReBirth does not introduce new guns or powerups, the arsenal is balanced and tailored to all of its levels. As with Contra III, the player has the ability to hold 2 guns. A new, subtle concept is introduced in the form of the N powerup. All guns feature automatic firing.

Powerups are acquired through certain objects and various enemies scattered throughout the game.



-On the back of some of the robotic llama enemies in Stage 3:


-Clone enemies in the final stage:

CRenemy1 CRenemy3

CRenemy2 CRenemy4

Normal Gun:


The player starts with this gun and, assuming they have a gun powerup, will revert to it when respawning after death. Fires a rapid stream of bullets that, although weak, collectively inflict considerable damage.

Laser Gun (L):


Shoots short, thin beams that inflict a considerable amount of damage. At close range, it can be used to destroy bosses quickly. The Laser Gun’s slow rate of fire, however, is its shortcoming.

Spread Gun (S):


Shoots 2 sets of 5 large bullets per burst that fan out. This iteration of the Spread Gun is very useful, making several level segments easier. It is effective against large groups of enemies and does high damage at close range. It is, however, ineffective against small bosses at long ranges.

Homing Missiles (H):


Similar to the Homing Gun from Contra III, the bullets actively seek enemy targets. It shoots small missiles in single file and at a high rate. However, it’s weaker than the Default Machine Gun and can occasionally miss targets at crucial moments.

Normal (N):


Reverts the player’s gun to the Default Machine Gun, assuming they have a powerup. This can be useful for situations where one of the powerup guns is not ideal.

The following 2 powerup icon sprites are present in the game data, but the guns themselves do not appear in the game. Additionally, there does not appear to be any code programmed for their functionality.


Credit to cx4 for most of the images presented.

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