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-Advert for the Playstation and Saturn versions:


Some of the screenshots show slightly different colors for certain objects in the game.

-Brief footage of the game showcased at E3 of 1996:

This build of Contra: Legacy of War features a different Appaloosa logo screen, almost entirely different title screen and a rudimentary main menu. The first 2 stages are available to play, Jungle and Mountain; these are in a different order from the final. One of the selectable characters is Alien, likely referring to Bubba. According to published E3 reports, the 3D mode had already been implemented and 3D anaglyph glasses were provided for this preview.

-Consumer information sheet:


Its distribution most likely coincided with the release of the PS1 variant of the game that no longer provides the 3D anaglyph glasses.

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Contra: Legacy of War main page

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