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The weapon system in this game follows that of Contra: Hard Corps, with minor differences. While characters have some specific guns, 4 are shared among all 4 characters and the Default Machine Gun cannot be upgraded. Each character has 5 weapon slots, with the 5th slot being reserved for Bombs. Strangely, none of the powerup weapons are retained upon entering the next stage. All guns feature automatic firing.

Powerups are acquired through a variety of ways.

-Concealed behind destructible wall panels:





-Sometimes, they hover across parts of the stages:


-The mini-bosses in Stage 6:






-The mini-bosses in Stage 7:



-Other times, they’re available in plain sight.

The following weapons are common to all 4 characters:

Slot 1 – Default Machine Gun:


The player starts with this gun and can never lose it. Fires a rapid stream of weak bullets.

Slot 2 – Flame Thrower:

clowpB clowflth




Shoots a constant burst of flames, dealing large amounts of damage. Its drawback is the short range.

Slot 5 – Super Bomb:

clowbomb clowbomb2




Produces several throbbing explosions, causing extremely high amounts of damage. The maximum carrying capacity is 9, although very few are found in the game.



A series of blue, pulsing rings surround the player, protecting them from enemies and attacks. It also damages/destroys certain minor enemies. The effect lasts for approximately 15 seconds.

Speed Boat:


Not a regular weapon; it is used only in Stage 3, near the end. The Speed Boat can fire a narrow spread of 5 bullets.

Ray Poward’s Specific Guns:

Slot 3 – Spread Gun:

clowpC clowrspr




Shoots 2 sets at a time of 3 bullets that fan out, with a high rate of fire. It is effective against large groups of enemies and causes high damage at close range.

Slot 4 – Homing Laser:

clowpD clowrhola




Shoots a long, piercing beam that actively seeks out enemy targets. It has a good rate of fire and causes considerable damage, making it one of the most useful guns in the game.

Tasha’s Specific Guns:

Slot 3 – Sparkling Laser:

clowpC clowtla




Shoots a long-range beam that functions like a baton. Deals a moderate amount of damage constantly.

Slot 4 – Seeking Laser:

clowpD clowtbu




Not a true laser. Shoots a number of spherical bullets that actively seek enemy targets. If the fire button is held down in the absence of targets, the bullets float at the tip of the gun. The bullets cause moderate amounts of damage.

Bubba’s Specific Guns:

Slot 3 – Straight Laser:

clowpC clowbla




Shoots long laser beams at a somewhat high rate. The laser causes moderate damage.

Slot 4 – Homing Bullets:

clowpD clowbco




Shoots 3 bullets at a time that initially fan out. They subsequently seek enemy targets. The bullets are very strong and the rate of fire is high, making this weapon one of the most useful.

C.D.-288’s Specific Guns:

Slot 3 – Spread Grenade:

clowpC clowcdsprmi




Shoots a short-range grenade that disperses into 5 shards that fan out. Causes devastation at short range.

Slot 4 – Homing Missile:

clowpD clowcrola




Shoots slow missiles that actively seek enemy targets. Despite the low rate of fire, each missile is highly damaging.

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