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Title: 魂斗羅スピリッツ (Contra Spirits)

The Japanese version is considerably easier than its overseas releases.

-The main ending sequence can be viewed in all difficulty modes. However, on the Easy setting, a message is displayed that indicates a true final boss is fought on higher difficulty settings, and to try the Normal setting; this message replaces the montage of images. On the Normal setting, an abridged version of the message is displayed, suggesting to try the Hard setting; the message is placed at the bottom of the screen in order to display the image montage.

In the overseas counterparts, none of the Easy and Normal settings hint at the true final boss, and instead just suggest to try the next higher difficulty setting. The “Try Normal Mode” (or Hard Mode) line is replaced simply by “Push Start Key”. The Normal mode features an animated starry background.

-The true final boss is also fought in Normal mode.

-The game provides infinite continues.

-There are 3 cheat codes: 30 lives, level select and a sound test menu.

-During gameplay, the lives counter indicates how many lives the players actually have, as opposed how many there are in reserve. Therefore, for example, having 7 lives will display 7, whereas it will display 6 in the overseas localizations.

-The intro sequence features Japanese text for the characters’ dialog; their lines are also more explicit and aggressive in tone than in the overseas counterparts.

-The title screen’s appearance onto the screen is simpler, using a fade-in effect; however, the title screen itself is animated, featuring flames in the Japanese text.

-The text atop the screen during the starting position selection on the overhead stages is in Japanese, and uses a different font and styling.

-The images in the montage in the ending, referencing previous Contra games, include dates indicating the time those events took place. Strangely, these dates were removed in the overseas counterparts, instead of adjusting them to the altered timeline.

-In the end credits, FC is listed, whereas NES is listed in the overseas counterparts. The bottom of the Special Thanks list states Very Thanks, whereas the overseas counterparts state Many Thanks.

-When the player celebrates with the crowd at the end, the presence of a couple of foreground elements is difficulty-dependent. On the Normal setting, a kid runs back and forth near the player; on the Hard setting, a Man-Faced Mutt is also added.

-The message during the aforementioned celebration scene states
All Stage Clear

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Title: Contra III: The Alien Wars

The North American release is very similar to the Japanese version.

-The title screen’s entry animation is more elaborate, as the subtitle The Alien Wars scrolls horizontally from the sides, accompanied by sound effects.

-The cheat codes are dummied out.

-Limited number of continues (exact number depends on difficulty setting).

-The true final boss and main ending sequence are only seen on the Hard mode. On the Easy and Normal modes, only a difficulty-dependent screen of text is displayed.

-The message during the ending celebration scene states
” Contra III The Alien Wars “
A Peaceful Time Will Come!

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Title: Super Probotector: Alien Rebels


The PAL release is based on the North American release, with the following changes:

-The intro sequence features robots during the player character dialogue. The dialogue text itself is entirely white, instead of using a different color for each character’s line.

-The title screen’s intro animation is actually a combination of its overseas counterparts.

-Player characters are changed to robots; however, none of the enemies and bosses are changed due to their non-human appearances to begin with.


-The introductory, intermission and ending sequence portraits are changed to reflect the aforementioned modification.

-The attract demos are different from those of the overseas counterparts.

-The re-rendered Super Contra intro images during the ending montage are modified to feature robots or to remove Bill and Lance (see Trivia). Strangely, each image is shown for a much smaller amount of time.

-Interestingly, the listed Contra titles have also been changed to their respective European counterparts:


This is a rare instance of a correct reference to Gryzor.

-The message during the ending celebration scene states
” Super Probotector “
A Peaceful Time Will Come!

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