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The following prototype cartridges, in public circulation, are currently in the hands of collectors. Although they are pre-release versions, they hold the final build’s data.

Contra III Prototype PCB:


Textbook SNES prototype PCB, containing all of the fundamental components, including 2 EPROM chips. In this case, their windows are covered by unmarked labels. Photo provided by JaxsBox from the Nintendoage forum, it is not certain whether this board actually contains Contra III as claimed.

Super Probotector NTSC-J Sample:


Despite containing the PAL release, Super Probotector, this cartridge will not run on a PAL SNES as it’s a Super Famicom cartridge. Currently owned by user Undead of the NEXGAM forum.

Super Probotector NTSC-U Sample:



What is very unusual is that while several copies of this particular sample cartridge are known to exist, they do not all contain the same build. There are at least 2 known builds found in these “SUPERP ROBOTECTOR” cartridges: the final release, which is shown here, and a cheat-enabled sample version, discussed on this page. The former was created and distributed by the European division of Nintendo, possibly for QA purposes before the retail release.

The sample contains the entire game; it is, however, compatible with North American SNES machines.

Disregarding the build version, there are 6 known copies of this sample cartridge. One of the final build samples are owned by JaxsBox from the NintendoAge forum.

Super Probotector prototypes with common sample label:



The first one is owned by user OtherWil of the Digital Press forum, while the second was sold on a German video game website and currently owned by JaxsBox. The third cartridge is currently being sold on RetroGame Shop. There is at least one more of this type of Super Probotector prototype that is known to exist, one of which is currently owned by a collector in Spain, purchased from NintendoAge user Crescent.

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