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-This game features a level select menu that is dummied out. It is possible that a cheat code was intended to open said menu, but it has not been truly confirmed.

-A debug stage is present in the game’s data. It can be accessed either through patch codes or by using one of the many ROM hack’s released.

Evidently, the stage is not in any practical state. It is a short area with hanging pipes and walls/ceilings, stopping at a dead-end. The music is the one played when fighting the grotesque alien boss with the female face. The game’s dialogue can be cycled by repeatedly pressing B, which corrupts the stage’s ground.

-The wall above the Hideout Door in stage 4 can be climbed, but it leads nowhere. It is simply a minor curiosity.

-Like the cheat codes, the lifebar is actually dummied out and not removed from the game’s data in the North American and PAL versions.

-There is a debug mode left intact in the Japanese version. It is enabled through the main menu, by pressing LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, A, B, C, B, A, UP, DOWN on the SECOND controller. Currently, the only known debug functionality is frame advance; pause during gameplay and press UP on controller 2.

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Contra: Hard Corps main page

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