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Title: 魂斗羅: ザ・ハードコア (Contra: The Hard Corps)

-The Japanese version is considerably easier than its overseas releases. The players have a 3-hit life bar and unlimited continues. Additional sound effects are present for when the player character loses a unit from the life bar. There are also 3 cheat codes that are dummied out in the overseas releases.

-There actually appear to be minor variations in the dialog for each character during the cut scenes.

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Title: Contra: Hard Corps

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Title: Probotector

The PAL release of Contra: Hard Corps received the most changes of any Probotector game in the series. It is based on the NTSC-U version.

-As with other Probotector games, the characters are replaced by robots. Ray, Sheena, Fang and Browny are now CX-1, CX-2, CX-3 and CX-4, respectively.

-All vulgar in the dialog has been replaced by milder words.

-The options menu contains an additional setting to select the language between English, French or German.


-The game is a bit more difficult than the NTSC-U version. It provides only 4 continues, whereas the NTSC-U version provides 5.

-Some enemies are changed to robots.

-The opening sequence features the respective robot forms of the characters.

-Likewise, the character selection menu features robot portraits and their respective CX-# designations.

-Significant changes were made to the plot in varying degrees, which affect dialog, character roles, events and how sequences occur, among others.

The conflict concerns a powerful energy source named the X Drive, as opposed an an alien cell that was stolen from a prior alien war.

Deadeye Joe is now an unnamed Alien Commander, who has been altered into a humanoid alien.

Colonel Bahamut, now an unnamed Alien leader, is also a humanoid alien.

Dr. Geo Mandrake is not a traitor; much of the plot and game progression have been altered as a result, in order to reflect this. Several instances of the protagonists or antagonists interacting with him have also been removed.

The chief at the HQ is also a robot.

Altered wording in much of the dialog to reflect all of the aforementioned changes, but also comprising changes/removals without explanation. Edits have also been applied to various cut scenes and sequences in order to tone down the violence.

Inexplicably, the Alien Commander (Deadeye Joe) is mostly never seen again in the paths where the player opts to rescue the research center. It does not control the machine in the boss battle before the ambush. The helicopter pilot rescues the player from the train, instead; later in this path, the orange, spherical pod is unmanned instead of being controlled by it and the associated scenes are removed. It appears only in the path where the player must stop the launched warhead. Here, it is fought at the same point, but the associated dialog is removed.

Instead of simply removing Dr. Mandrake’s sprite from the ambush scene, the Alien Leader’s sprite was then moved to his position.

Due to the lack of a betrayal by Dr. Mandrake, the alien experiments (stage 5A) are automatically generated and do not attack the doctor.

The scene where the Alien Leader offers the player the choice to defect is removed altogether, which consequently removes the darkest ending.

All of the ending sequences have been altered to take the above changes into account.

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