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As an authentic entry in the series, Contra: Hard Corps introduced new elements to the arsenal. The player can carry 5 weapons placed in specific slots, many of which are exclusive to each character. Weapon powerups are denoted by nonspecific letters A to D. Like its predecessor, Contra III, all guns feature automatic firing.

Powerups are acquired through certain objects and various mini-bosses scattered throughout the game.



-Specific mini-boss in Stage 3:


-Specific mini-boss in Stage 3:


-Specific mini-boss in Stage 3:


-Specific mini-boss in Stage 5A:


-Unique type of blimps during the final boss in Stage 5C:


The following weapons/attacks are shared by all 4 characters.

Slot 1 – Default Machine Gun:

The player starts with this gun and can never lose it. Shoots a rapid stream of bullets. Each character’s weapon powerup A replaces the Default Machine Gun.

Slot 5 – Bomb:

chcitemb1 chcitemb2

Similar to the bomb in Contra III, but significantly stronger. Causes an initial blast upon use that inflicts heavy damage; subsequently, an explosive ring expands from the player, causing further damage to enemy targets in contact with it. Despite its massive strength and the player’s unlimited carrying capacity, very few are found in the game.

Power Slide:

Not a typical weapon. The character performs a quick, brief slide that both renders the character temporarily invincible and causes minor damage to enemies.

Ray Poward’s Specific Guns:

Slot 1 – Vulcan Laser (A):

chcitemA conhcitem1a0

Shoots small beams at a very high rate. Useful for quick, direct damage, despite its short range.

Slot 2 – Crash (B):

chcitemB conhcitem1b0

Rapidly fires small yellow missiles in short intervals. The missiles create multiple small explosions upon impact or after a short distance. Although it causes heavy damage, the missiles have short range and there’s a brief interval between each batch of shots.

Slot 3 – Spread (C):

chcitemC conhcitem1c0

Shoots 2 sets at a time of 5 large bullets that fan out. It is effective against large groups of enemies and does high damage at close range.

Slot 4 – Homing (D):

chcitemD conhcitem1d0

Similar to the Homing Gun from Contra III, the bullets actively seek enemy targets. It shoots small missiles in single file and at a high rate. However, it can occasionally miss targets at crucial moments.

Sheena Etranzi’s Specific Guns:

Slot 1 – Genocide Vulcan (A):

chcitemA conhcitem2a0

Replaces the Default Machine Gun bullets with bigger, much stronger ones. Destroys enemies and bosses quickly and from a long range.

Slot 2 – Shower Crash (B):

chcitemB conhcitem2b0

Rapidly fires small shells that fall a short distance in a parabolic trajectory. The shells create multiple small explosions upon impact with enemies or obstacles. Although it causes heavy damage, the shells have short range.

Slot 3 – Break Laser (C):

chcitemC conhcitem2c0

Shoots long, piercing beams at a high rate that inflict heavy damage and even penetrate through enemies and obstacles.

Slot 4 – Ax Laser (D):

chcitemD conhcitem2d0

Shoots several short Lasers that initially spread out like the Spread Gun, but soon actively seek enemy targets. Although it has a high rate of fire, the lasers are somewhat weak.

Brad Fang’s Specific Guns:

Slot 1 – Beast Shooter (A):

chcitemA conhcitem3a0

Shoots fireballs in a frantic pattern at a very high rate. It is one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

Slot 2 – Power Punch (B):

chcitemB conhcitem3b0

Fang throws very explosive punches that cause deadly amounts of damage. Its major downside, naturally, is the short range. Another downside is that it can only be aimed horizontally.

Slot 3 – Flame Thrower (C):

chcitemC conhcitem3c0

Shoots bursts of flame that cause a moderate amount of damage constantly. Its drawback is the short range.

Slot 4 – Psychic Blaster (D):

chcitemD conhcitem3d0

When uncharged or charged too briefly, a small, weak blast is fired. After charging, a helical projectile comprising several small fireballs is fired that deals extremely high damage. It is one of the strongest weapons in the game, although it requires charging time and can only be aimed horizontally.

Browny’s Specific Guns:

Slot 1 – Victory Laser (A):

chcitemA conhcitem4a0

Rapidly fires V-shaped lasers in quick intervals. Quickly destroys enemies and bosses.

Slot 2 – Gemini Scatter (B):

chcitemB conhcitem4b0

Shoots several spiked mines that travel a moderate distance before returning like a boomerang. Causes moderate damage with a high rate of fire.

Slot 3 – Electromagnetic Yo-Yo (C):

chcitemC conhcitem4c0

A deadly projectile that travels similar to a yo-yo. Can be slung in any direction. When the fire button is held, it seeks enemy targets. This weapon is one of the most powerful of the game, easily destroying bosses.

Slot 4 – Shield Chaser (D):

chcitemD conhcitem4d0

When the fire button is held, a group of 6 large projectiles surround Browny and serves as a damaging shield. When the fire button is released, the projectiles quickly fly towards a nearby target.

Credit to Game Kommander for most of the images presented.

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