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Air Jumping: While the player is in the air (be it from jumping or falling off a ledge), pause the game, hold A and resume the game. The character will jump from the position in the air prior to pausing. This glitch can be repeated an unlimited amount of times. It can be used to easily pass a certain section or bypass large parts of the levels, especially difficult jumping sections, but also to prevent falling into a death pit.

Mega Jumps: This glitch is performed on stage 3, at the see-saw jump puzzle. When the crate is caused to drop on the machine to catapult the player upwards, the player will be sent much higher than usual. Then by pausing and unpausing at the peak of the high jump reach staggering heights, skipping a large part of the stage. It is unlikely that this trick is intentional, as it alone allows bypassing a significant amount of jumping puzzles in the stage.

Jump Through Ceilings: Note that this glitch applies to the 3rd and 5th stages. To perform this glitch, the player must use the Air Jumping glitch, described above, and there must be no floor at the bottom of the screen.

After gaining enough vertical distance, pause the game and assign another character to player 2. When unpaused, player 2 will be falling, with the screen scrolling down. At a precise time, when player 1 is very close to the top of the screen, pause the game and remove player 2, then unpause the game while still performing the Air Jumping glitch.

If performed correctly and at the correct position on the screen, player 1 will pass through the ceiling above. This trick can be used to bypass potentially long segments of the levels, reaching the grounds higher above directly. However, incorrect player position, relative to the screen, can trigger a Death Pit glitch that results in a direct Game Over.


Easy Stage 2 Boss:

Position the player character as close as possible to the outer edge of either the far left or far right pipe, but without any part of the sprite protruding out. The player’s gunfire will pass beside the pipes towards the boss and hit him. The player, however, will be protected from the boss’ attacks.

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