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Contra Force may or may not have introduced gameplay conventions to the series, depending on fans’ opinion about its association with Contra games. Each of the 4 characters has unique weapons and the weapon system itself is unlike in any other Contra game.

Rather than acquiring the powerup weapons directly, players must accumulate a required number of “briefcases” for a given weapon. These briefcases are found in destructible elements of the stages. Most guns inconveniently have a very short range.


The following weapons/attacks are shared by all 4 characters.



The player starts with this gun and, assuming they have a gun powerup, will revert to it when respawning after death. It can be fired at a fast rate by rapidly pressing the fire button.

Turbo Power:

Increases the player’s on-screen shot limit from 2 to 3 shots. Requires 4 briefcases.

Rolling Attack:

The character performs a powerful jump that damages enemies and renders the player immune to many attacks throughout the jump. The player glows red during the attack. Requires 5 briefcases.

Burns’ Specific Weapons:

Hand Grenade:


Grenades are tossed in an arcing trajectory, which makes it useful for strategic attacks. Requires 2 briefcases.

Machine Gun:


Automatically fires bullets at a fast rate. Requires 3 briefcases.

Smith’s Specific Weapons:



Shoots long-range bullets that cause more damage than the Pistol. Requires 2 briefcases.

Homing Missile:


Shoots missiles that actively seek enemies and causes considerable damage. However, the missiles can miss targets at crucial moments. Requires 3 briefcases.

Iron’s Specific Weapons:

Flame Thrower:


Shoots a blast of flames that cause moderate damage. Requires 2 briefcases.



Shoots long-range rockets that cause heavy damage. Requires 3 briefcases.

Beans’ Specific Weapons:

Time Bomb:


Detonates approximately 2 seconds after being planted. Produces a series of explosions around the detonation site. Requires 2 briefcases.

Time Mine:


Detonates quicker than the Time Bomb, producing stronger explosions that extend further. Requires 3 briefcases.

Credit to cx4 for most of the images presented.

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2 Responses to “CONTRA FORCE > ARSENAL”

  1. Arcanacra Says:

    Sorry to bother, but Time Bomb and Time Mine should have images swapped.

    • Thanks for noticing. One thing that maybe brought about the confusion and mix-up is the problem in the character select screen. There, all 3 other characters have the weapon images in the correct order. Only Beans doesn’t. IINM, the internal data even calls on these graphics inversely.

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