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-Players can exploit a glitch to obtain 99 lives; it is triggered by losing the last life immediately before gaining one. This can be best achieved through exploiting the Konami Code’s quirk in this game (see here), preset enemy positions and memorizing possible routes through a given level.

-The versions of the NES Contra and Super C included are ROM’s that run off a modified version of the PocketNES emulator. Interestingly, Contra: Dual Spirits (Contra 4 in Japan) does not feature the Japanese localizations of the NES versions.

-Interestingly, the debug menu from the prototype builds (see here) is mostly retained in the final release:

It features mostly options to reach sections of the game; however, a few beta options remain. The most notable one is the “GYM” selection (see below).

The following transcribes the text around the perimeter of the screen in the Debug Menu:

Top Left
.: welcome to contra :.
Revision 46540

Top Right
release build
August 28 2007

Bottom Left
::: X of 26 ::: *

bottom right

*Where X is the current menu option highlighted, starting with Level Jungle.

The debug menu is similar to that of the June 27 prototype, but lacks the Sound Test option and, instead, features the following new/different options:

Cerebrum (Gym): Same debug level from June 27 prototype (can’t pause, etc), but with Goldenrod (see below). Additionally, the final boss does not appear; its eyeballs appear on the screen for a very brief instant before disappearing.

Victory Vista: Takes the player to the ending of the game on Normal Mode, as Goldenrod, at the moment they’re hanging from the helicopter and the final victory theme plays.

Wireless Menu: Similar to the June 27 prototype version’s wireless debug menu. However, it lacks the Missile – Guardian and Missile – Guardian 2 selections; instead, it contains Black Viper – Post orifice. Text around the screen perimeter is mostly the same as the main debug menu, except it reads ::: X of 12 ::: and version:usa.


GYM: Takes the player to an unused, preliminary stage that lacks music. The player is confined to the upper screen, which is completely black, while the prominences are on the bottom screen. They cannot attack or reach the area in the lower screen, while the enemies can’t do the same to the upper screen. It is in this unfinished level that many unused enemies can be found:

Purple meat puppets and CGA runners:


A busy section featuring a piece of the NES Contra gun capsule tile, a different Proboterror, an invisible grenadier and a different gun turret:

The most interesting enemy, a flame thrower wielder in a fire suit:

Rotating Layers: Displays a somewhat garbled screen. Can scroll, rotate and zoom in/out of overlay.


Scanline Scroll: Another debug option, with a plain screen.

scanlinescroll1 scanlinescroll2

X/B changes between exponents 4, 3, 2, 1, -2, -3, -4 (top-right). R switches between “(affine) floor ceiling” and “(text) strips”

All stages accessed from the debug menu starts the player with 99 lives, as Goldenrod (ie, Gold Probotector), on the Normal difficulty setting.

-The Japanese release, Contra: Dual Spirits, retains the Debug Menu of the North American relese, but with some changes.

The font of the text is different
date: January 23 2008
time: 19:44:47
revision: 58790
version: japan
Cerebrum entry reads Cerebrum-Gym-


The Wireless Debug Menu reads japan for the version:


The Demo Menu option presents the Japanese title on the upper screen and a corrupted display on the lower screen:


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