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Title: 魂斗羅: Dual Spirits (Contra: Dual Spirits)


-The title screen’s intro animation is different between both versions.

-A lot of the text, especially descriptive ones, have been translated to Japanese. The font of the remaining English text is also different.

-Jimbo and Sully are renamed to Spirits Bill and Spirits Lance, respectively (see Trivia).

-The congratulatory message for completing all challenges is much shorter.

-In the museum, the default entry image for each Contra game is its Japanese release, if it has one (whereas, naturally, it is of the North American release for the overseas counterpart).

-The museum fixes the error made about the Japanese arcade version of Contra where it is incorrectly labelled Gryzor; it is now Contra.

-The comic books are titled Contra Spirits and Contra Dual Spirits, instead of CONTRA 3 COMIC and CONTRA 4 COMIC, respectively.

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Title: Contra 4

-Take a look slightly below and to the left of the weapon icons at the top left of this shot:

You might notice a face there. Look at the Japanese version and you’ll see that this face was removed:

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Contra 4 main page

Contra Encyclopedia home page


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