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Title: Contra 4: Redux

Media/Formats: Digital Download

Developer: Konami Mobile

Publisher: NTSC-J: Unreleased

NTSC-U: Konami

PAL: Unreleased

Release: NTSC-J: Unreleased

NTSC-U: January 7, 2011

PAL: Unreleased

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Konami Mobile describes Contra 4: Redux as a sequel to Contra 4, taking place shortly after its events. Understandably, the plot occurs outside of the accepted canon. Regardless, it’s nothing more than a marketing ploy. Contra 4: Redux is a re-release of the mobile port of Contra 4 with additional content. It is more of an update or expansion of Contra 4 for mobile.

Additions include level updates, an extra level, 2 new guns (a rocket launcher and energy wave weapon) and 2 new bosses (one of them being the new final boss with a generic name, “Alien Queen”). Some gun capsules are changed to incorporate the new guns. The intro and ending are modified to accommodate this game being a sequel.

In addition, both playable characters each have a unique ability; Bill can double jump while Caesar can drop grenades while jumping. Both moves are performed by pressing the jump button twice. Caesar’s default gun is the machine gun. As the double jump is useless in Contra 4 mobile’s environment, Caesar is the character of choice.

Another new feature is the ability to switch between the characters at booths that have been added in select areas of the levels. The inactive character retains his guns until a Game Over or when the player quits the level. Therefore, the player can store one of the characters away with a useful gun set as a backup. There are also minor changes to the structure of some of the levels.

The Android release is the highest quality version of the 3 main versions. It features the best gameplay speed, higher quality graphics, as well as simultaneous music and sound (with a greater number of sound effects used than on other platforms).

Despite the interesting innovations and additional content, Contra 4: Redux is ultimately disappointing and not worth purchasing, not even the Android version, if you already have Contra 4 for mobile. The new content consists of padding (switching between characters within levels), lack of substance (the guns; one is useless and the other is mostly overpowered) and bad programming (the final boss).


The final boss is the primary flaw of Contra 4: Redux. Despite a great concept, the battle is poorly executed due to bad collision detection (the alien queen can kill the player from a few feet away without contact), the cramped battlefield and the boss itself being overpowered (it takes too many shots to kill and it becomes more difficult to attack the more it’s weakened). The difficulty of this final battle therefore contrasts the drastically easier remainder of the game.

The Android port of Contra 4: Redux is the latest release of the game. Unique to this version is the ability to change the screen orientation between horizontal and vertical (by rotating the phone or other device). The latter replicates the feel of the arcade original Contra titles, and is useful for Bill Rizer and the Waterfall stage (vertically scrolling). The former is beneficial for viewing further ahead in the stage. Thus, both are advantageous on a situational basis.

Unfortunately, as part of Konami’s major ongoing effort to alienate their fan base, the Android version of Contra 4: Redux had been removed from the Google Play Store in early 2017. There is no legitimate means of purchasing or acquiring this game, as a result. However, it can still be acquired and played as the data has been preserved.

Note: As is always the case, apart from the platform that your cell phone runs on, the version of Contra 4 you receive depends on the hardware of your cell phone. It may contain limitations, like lack of sound or music, weaker visuals, levels are split differently, etc.

Covers: N/A; this version of Contra 4 is a digitally downloaded product.

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Stage 1: Jungle
Stage 2: Waterfall
Stage 3: Harbor
Stage 4: Missile
Stage 5: City
Stage 6: Lab
Stage 7: Black Viper
Stage 8: Hive Queen

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Contra 4: Redux is essentially an upgraded version of the mobile versions of Contra 4. As such, it features all of the same arsenal; however, it adds new guns, as well as a new ability for each character. In addition, each character is assigned a default gun.

Powerups are acquired through various objects scattered throughout the game.

-Ground canisters:




Normal Gun:

The player starts with this gun and, assuming they have a gun powerup, will revert to it when respawning after death. This is Bill Rizer’s default gun and it therefore cannot be used by Solomon Caesar.

Machine Gun (M):

m_C4_M m_C4_M2

Shoots a rapid stream of bullets, fired automatically. After upgrade, dual Machine Guns are fired, shooting bigger and stronger bullets. This version of the Machine Gun and its upgraded form, aren’t as strong or effective as its source counterpart. The Machine Gun is Solomon Caesar’s default gun; thus, he only needs to acquire a single M powerup to upgrade it. Bill Rizer, conversely, needs to acquire 2.

Fireball Gun (F):

m_C4_F m_C4_F2

Shoots small fireballs in a corkscrew trajectory. Can be difficult to use as a result of this, as well as its slow rate of fire. Deals slightly more damage than the regular bullets. When upgraded, it functions like the Fireball Gun from the NES version of Super Contra. Shoots large fireballs that, upon impact, explode into 4 smaller fireballs that spread diagonally out. Its strength is somewhat reduced from its DS counterpart, making it less useful.

Laser Gun (L):

m_C4_L m_C4_L2

Shoots short, thin beams that inflict a moderate amount of damage. Upon upgrade, it fires thicker beams at a high rate; the beams penetrate enemies and obstacles.

Spread Gun (S):

m_C4_S m_C4_S2

The series’ staple. Shoots 3 large bullets that fan out. It is effective against large groups of enemies and does decent damage at close range. When upgraded, it instead shoots 5 large bullets that fan out. The upgraded form is even more useful for large groups of enemies and causes much more damage at close range. Due to the automatic firing system of this version of Contra 4, the Spread Gun, while still effective, doesn’t match its source counterpart’s usefulness.

Crush Missiles (C):

m_C4_æ m_C4_æ2

Fires smalls blue missiles. The missiles create multiple small explosions upon impact. After upgrading, shoots large and very powerful missiles.

Barrier (B):

m_C4_B C4J2MEitem8

The player is surrounded by a gold, transparent sphere, during which they are protected from enemies and attacks. The effect lasts for approximately 30 seconds.

Grappling Hook:

Not a direct, commonly used weapon. However, if the player grapples on a rail and climbs up to it while a Xeno-Slug is immediately above, it will be destroyed.

The following guns are new powerups to Contra 4: Redux.

Rocket Launcher (R):

m_C4_R m_C4_R2

Shoots a column of 3 rockets that accelerate shortly after being fired. When upgraded, it instead shoots a column of 5 rockets. The Rocket Launcher is the strongest gun in Contra 4: Redux. However, its very slow rate of fire may make it difficult to use.

Wave Gun(W):

m_C4_W m_C4_W2

Shoots parabolic sonic waves; causes decent damage and penetrates through enemies and obstacles. When upgraded, the wave travels a short distance before splitting into 2 smaller waves that travel perpendicular to the original direction. The upgraded form does not inflict more damage than the primary form.

Furthermore, Solomon Caesar’s unique ability is dropping 3 grenades when jumping. They inflict decent amounts of damage, but cannot be used as a substitute for a gun.

Credit to cx4 for most of the images presented.

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Most, if not all of the names provided here are unofficial. Due to the ambiguity of enemy names between regions, the lack of names for several of them and the absence of various documents, it is impractical to list the correct designations. Help is strongly encouraged and always appreciated to fill in these blanks. The Opposition section serves primarily to describe and depict the enemies for bookkeeping; thus, the content presented below hopefully satisfies this criterion.

Fodder Enemies, Objects

Foot Soldier:


The weakest and most basic enemy of Contra. They predominantly run along sections of numerous stages. They also jumping off platforms in an attempt to chase the player. The latter sometimes results in them falling to their death.
Found in stages: 1,5

Dirk McShooter:


Standing in place, usually at an elevated position, they actively aim and fire bullets at the player.
Found in stages: 1,2,3,5

Sandbag Sniper:


They lay prone on the ground with sandbags in front of them and fire bullets at the player.
Found in stages: 1,2

Smart Turret:


Embedded in the ground, these turrets are able to fire in 8 directions. They actively seek out the player’s position.
Found in stages: 1,2

Nicky Napalm:


Usually standing at an elevated position, they throw grenades at the player.
Found in stages: 1,2,3,5

Mr. Scuba:


Remaining inactive in the water with their head emerged, they activate when the player climbs past them. These soldiers periodically aim their gun out to fire a grenade upwards. The grenade splits into 3 grenades that drop back down and explode upon impact. These enemies are vulnerable only when they emerge.
Found in stages: 2

Manned Turret:


Consists of a soldier who is protected by and fires bullets using a gun turret.
Found in stages: 3-5



Humanoid robots that appear in swarms. Their name is an obvious pun on Probotector. These robots run across the screen. When shot enough times, they crumble to the ground. Shortly after, they reassemble as 1 of 2 possible other robots.


One of them is a tripod machine that walks slowly across the screen.


The other is a robotic dog that runs across the screen. Once this variable second form is shot enough times, the enemy is defeated.
Found in stages: 3

Ingrid Birdman:


They drop down and run across the various platforms that form the climb up the large missile, wings open.
Found in stages: 4

Gavin Gunpowder:


An unusual, unique enemy that appears only once in the entire game. He is visually and almost functionally identical to Nicky Napalms, but throws bullets diagonally up in the air.
Found in stages: 4

Tracking Mini-Missile:


Fired by the Scout Drone. These missiles fly diagonally upwards for a second, before they crash into the player’s immediate position.
Found in stages: 5

Man-Faced Mutt:


These alien dogs are initially part of the background scenery, eating trash; shortly after, they run across the ground.
Found in stages: 5



A gray, slug-like creature that blends in with the stage, making them difficult to notice. Their small size makes them somewhat difficult to shoot at.
Found in stages: 5

Meat Puppet:


Human experiments that walk back and forth like zombies. When they are approached, they explode, sending their toxic innards in 4 directions, either in a + or an X formation.
Found in stages: 5,6

Bot McShooter:


Formed from rolling spheres launched by the Rino X-1 Battle Tank.


They actively aim and fire bullets a few times at the player. While these enemies appear to take damage, they cannot be defeated by the player’s attacks. Instead, they self-destruct either after firing a few shots or when the player drops down to the ground from the rail.
Found in stages: 5

Creepy Crawler:


Mutant creatures that crawl through ceiling vents. These creatures have a pretty high spawning rate, so they can easily overwhelm the player if he is on the ground.
Found in stages: 6

Soldier Clone:


These humanoid aliens mimic Bill Rizer’s appearance, but feature a purple hue. They run across the boss battle area, periodically shooting slime.
Found in stages: 6

Alien Grunt:


They quickly run across various parts of the stage, even jumping across gaps if needed.
Found in stages: 7

Gaping Maw Kettle:


Large mouths embedded in the grounds and ceilings. They periodically spit out a Cotton Ball.
Found in stages: 7

Cotton Ball:


Spat out by the Gaping Maw Kettles. They fly and actively follow the player.
Found in stages: 7

Face Hugger Egg:


These alien eggs hatch an unlimited number of Face Huggers.
Found in stages: 7,8

Face Hugger:


Spawned from Face Hugger Eggs, these alien arachnids rapidly crawl along the ground and can even jump across or down platforms.
Found in stages: 7,8

Lateral Head:


One head moves a short distance down and then across while the other moves to the ground and then across. These heads regenerate each time that they are destroyed.
Found in stages: 7

Living Brain Organism Searle:


This incarnation of the brain enemy is reduced to a regenerating, intermediate enemy during the battle with Black Viper. It uses 2 possible attacks:

-Lowers down along the mid-line of the screen and then flies back and forth sinusoidally. It frequently emits purple flames that briefly fly left or right, and horizontally or diagonally, before dropping to the ground.

-Lowers down along the mid-line of the screen and then flies back and forth sinusoidally. It frequently discharges groups of 4 cervical innards in alternating + and X formations.

The selected attack is random; they are not cycled through.
Found in stages: 7

Grasshopper Egg:


Produced by the Cobra Limbs, as well as the Cobra Tails of the Hive Queen. Occasionally, some spring out of the ground in the section before the boss battle. As soon as they land on a surface, Xeno-Grasshoppers hatch from them.
Found in stages: 8



Produced by the Hive Queen via its Grasshopper Eggs, these leaping alien arachnids hatch from the near-unlimited number of eggs that comprise the final stage. Present throughout the stage, and produced by the Cobra Limbs, as well as the Cobra Tails of the Hive Queen, they simply make large hops in a given direction.
Found in stages: 8

Cobra Limb:


They spring out of the egg-lined ground of the Hive Queen’s battle area. These regenerating, serpentine limbs frequently spit out Grasshopper Eggs. They attempt to swing at the player with their claw-tipped heads (their weak point).
Found in stages: 8

Cobra Tail:


This appendage of the Hive Queen is similar to the Cobra Limb, except that it does not swing forward. These regenerating, serpentine tails also frequently spit out Grasshopper Eggs.
Found in stages: 8


Track Cannon:


This manned machine stalks the player over a long stretch of the Jungle stage. It rapidly shifts back and forth along a track, stopping either at random spots or above the player’s immediate position, and fires an explosive fireball straight down. If it fires at Destructible Pavement, the pavement will break down, forming Death Pits.

This mini-boss is optional, although difficult to skip without losing lives.
Found in stages: 1



This short defense bunker consists of a Dirk McShooter on the roof, dual Mortar Cannons at mid-level and the Wall Core at ground level. The Mortar Cannons frequently fire bombs. When standing in front of the Wall Core, it charges up and fires a powerful laser beam that lasts for a few seconds. As the cannons and rooftop sniper are optional, simply destroying the Wall Core will defeat the mini-boss.
Found in stages: 1


Tower Wall:


After defeating the Wall, it rises up until the destroyed section forms the second story of a 2-story wall bunker. The ground level portion of the wall is mostly identical to the initial wall, with 2 Mortar Cannons and a Wall Core.

From the hole of the initial, destroyed Wall Core above, a pulsing, Organic Wall Core is revealed. It uses the same laser attack, but at a different time phase than the one below. On the roof of this tall bunker are 3 Dirk McShooters.

The ally helicopter returns to assist the player with the upper story. Again, the goal of this battle are the wall cores; all other components are optional.
Found in stages: 1

Unidentified Lifeform:


A more powerful and more dynamic variant of the Waterfall alien from the original Contra. Its head is its weak point.

The boss repeats a pattern of 3 attacks. First, it moves to the left side and lunges its tail across the ground to the right side. It then slams each large claw on the ground a few times, alternatively and approaching the middle with each pair of strikes. The alien then spits large spherical projectiles in a fanning motion, from right to left and then back to the right.
Found in stages: 2

Scout Drone:


Stalks the player at the top of the large missile. It uses 2 possible attacks. It either hovers to the player’s altitude and punches themm, or launches a few Tracking Mini-Missiles at them.
Found in stages: 4

Rino X-1 Battle Tank:


This tank is fought on a long stretch of road with a grappling rail above it, spanning the road’s length. The tank drives back and forth in the battlefield, periodically stopping to use attacks that are dependent of the player’s position. Its weak point is its back end.

If the player is standing in front of the tank when it stops, it fires 3 missiles at him. If the player is immediately above (on the rail) or anywhere behind it, it will launch grenades at him. When hanging on the rail, in front of the tank, it fires a few spheres that roll on the ground. When these spheres are directly below the player, they transform into Bot McShooters that actively aim and fire bullets at the player a few times before self-destructing.
Found in stages: 5

Clone Progenitor:


A giant alien embryo that is wrapped in an undulated membrane, forming a Cocoon, and suspended in the air. The Cocoon is the goal of the battle and does not use any attacks.

Periodically, Creepy Crawlers drop from the ceiling. The main defense to this boss are the Soldier Clones that it produces. These soldiers descend from the ceiling, enrobed in ectoplasm, as Fetal Droplets. After lowering a short distance, they are freed from the ectoplasm, drop to the ground and run while attacking the player.

As the Cocoon receives damage, it slowly descends towards the ground.
Found in stages: 6

Black Viper:


The penultimate boss of the game. Its setup is similar to previous incarnations of Emperor-Demon Gyaba, featuring a central head (serving no purpose in this version) and 2 Lateral Heads that regenerate when destroyed. However, additional components and attacks are present.

The Lateral Heads perform an attack where one head moves a short distance down and then across while the other moves to the ground and then across.

Defeating one of these heads will reveal a grapple point that is temporarily accessible. The player must grapple up on this object and fire into the Docked Brain, the main goal of this battle. This is the only way to damage the Docked Brain. After a few seconds, the grapple point is covered up, dropping the play back down, and the entire alien ensemble rises off-screen.

Next, a Living Brain Organism Searle enters the screen and attacks in 3 possible ways. Only after this minor brain opponent, or its attack, is defeated does the boss return. If the player did not attack the Docked Brain after destroying a Lateral Head, a new one simply regenerates.
Found in stages: 7

Hive Queen:


Final boss of the game, this towering alien fights in 3 phases, 1 of them being optional, that follow a precursory battle. The precursor consists of fighting 2 consecutive Cobra Limbs, while the Queen is burrowed underground.

After the 2 limbs are destroyed, the Hive Queen emerges and the first phase begins. It has its own snake-like appendage, the Cobra Tail; the tail can be destroyed, but regenerates shortly after. The queen slowly approaches the player, its arms extended fully forward. When in close proximity, it swings its arms down to strike.

Once the player moves behind it, the queen burrows underground temporarily and re-emerges at a different spot and walks in the opposite direction. Its head frequently and constantly fires bullets at the player during the fight. There are 2 semi-redundant weak points to this boss throughout the battle; they are the Anterior Cephalic Core and the Basoventral Core.

After receiving enough damage, phase 2 begins, during which additional attacks are used against the player. The Basoventral Core occasionally fires 3 rounds of the player’s upgraded Fireball gun; its Anterior Cephalic Core now fires bullets either rapidly or in a dense spread. Additionally, Cobra Limbs emerge on both ends of the battle area, regenerating when destroyed.

The optional, third phase begins when the player damages the Anterior Cephalic Core until the vessels feeding it dilate. On random occasions, when the player is standing atop the high platforms, Grasshopper Eggs rain down from the sky.

During the second phase, the Queen swings its arms at a slow, constant pace. During the third, the swings become rapid and erratic. Throughout the battle, powerup blimps occasionally fly across the screen.

This boss is the game-breaker due to its steep difficulty, especially in contrast to the rest of the game. A combination of very faulty hit detection, extremely excessive boss health and overwhelming enemy attacks makes the victory a matter of luck more than skill.
Found in stages: 8

Other Dangers

Death Pit:


As the name implies, falling into these kills the player. Some are deep pits that make for a very high fall and a usually unknown or inescapable landing area. Others contain a deadly surface or a pool of dangerous substances.
Found in stages: 1-8

Destructible Pavement:


Separating segments of grass are weak patches of pavement. If the explosive fireballs of the Track Cannon hit them, they crumble, forming Death Pits.
Found in stages: 1

Fetal Droplet:


Consist of Soldier Clones coated in a protective layer of alien ectoplasm. They are immune to the player’s gunfire and shoot slime diagonally down to the left or right.
Found in stages: 6

Credit to cx4 for most of the images presented.

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31 Lives: At the main menu, press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, GUN SWITCH, GRAPPLE, FIRE. After selecting a character and a stage, the starting number of lives will be 31. Note that the counter reads 30, but 00 counts as a life (therefore, the counter indicates how many lives are in reserve).

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Set shortly after Bill Rizer and Solomon Caesar destroy Black Viper, a new alien entity is discovered, nesting in the same jungle where the duo landed in the Galuga Archipelago. They are brought back to neutralize this new alien threat. After battling through many familiar locations, the heroes discover that an alien queen resides on Earth and prevent it from yet another attempt at Earth’s conquest.


Bill Rizer – protagonist; playable

Solomon Caesar – protagonist; playable

Black Viper – antagonist; lead alien entity

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•Jungle 1
•Boss 1
•Neo City
•Harvest Yard
•Viper Returns
•End Credits
•Game Over

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There are currently no known variants of this port of Contra 4.

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The ANDROID version of Contra 4: Redux was released only in North America.

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There is currently no known developmental material to present.

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None yet.

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Veteran Chopper:
The helicopter you drop from at the start of level 1, which assists you throughout the game is based off the one in NES Super C, which you also drop off from in the first level.



Redux Retracted:
There may have been plans for a direct sequel to, or a re-release of Contra 4. The original purpose of Contra 4: Redux was a tie-in to a follow-up of Contra 4. The sequel/re-release was to feature many of the additions present in Contra 4: Redux. Evidently, these plans did not hold any significance; not only were no announcements made about a follow-up, but Contra 4: Redux received no publicity and was quietly released. This may explain why the finished product is paradoxically both a sequel and a remake.

Recycled Relics:
A significant amount of content from its predecessors have been reused in Contra 4. They span all aspects of the game, from sound/music to gameplay and from obvious to highly subtle. Often, they undergo minor modifications and variations. Similarly, the concept may be reused in a new or different application. The reuse may not even be intentional (ie, independent implementation). All such elements are listed below. In parentheses are any particularities or if the given element pertains to a specific version of a Contra game. The information presented in this section pertain to the higher quality variant of the game. The information presented in this section pertains to the higher quality variant of the game.


-Stage themes (details below):

-Player characters:
Bill Rizer (arcade Contra)

-Black Viper (Operation C)

-Powerups appear in flying blimps (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Powerups appear in containers embedded in the ground in stages 1,2 (NES Contra)

-Left-scrolling sections of stage 7 (MSX Contra)

-Helicopter insertion (arcade Super Contra)

-Assistant helicopter (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Helicopter escape after final boss is defeated (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

Sound Effects

-Player death (arcade Contra)


Jungle theme 1 (NES Contra)
Waterfall theme (NES Contra)
City theme (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Intro theme (NES Contra)

-Game Over theme (NES Contra)


-Fiery “C” in the title (Contra)

-Overall visual style (NES Contra)

-Bill’s attire (NES Contra)

-Roll-up jump (arcade Contra)

-Gun powerups are represented by falcon sprites (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Arsenal (see here for more information):
Normal Gun (NES Contra)
Machine Gun, power level 1 (Contra III: The Alien Wars)
Spread Gun, both power levels (Contra III: The Alien Wars)
Crush Missiles, both power levels (Contra III: The Alien Wars)
Fireball Gun, power level 1 (arcade Contra)
Fireball Gun, power level 2 (NES Super Contra)
Barrier (Contra III: The Alien Wars, loosely)

-Opposition (see here for more information):
Foot Soldier (NES Contra)
Red Dirk McShooter (NES Contra)
Sandbag Sniper (arcade Super Contra)
Smart Turret (arcade & NES Contra)
Nicky Napalm (NES Super Contra)
Mr. Scuba (arcade Contra)
Manned Turret (arcade Contra)
Ingrid Birdman (Contra III: The Alien Wars)
Man-Faced Mutt (Contra III: The Alien Wars)
Slug (Contra III: The Alien Wars)
Face Hugger (arcade Contra)
Face Hugger Egg (arcade Contra)
Alien Grunt (NES Super Contra)
Cotton Ball (arcade Contra)

-Enemy bullets (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Enemy grenades (NES Super Contra)

-Bosses and strong enemies blink when damaged (arcade Super Contra)

-Explosive death animation of certain enemies (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Certain enemies jump when killed (arcade Contra)

-Death animation of certain bosses (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Mountainous background in stage 1 (arcade Contra)

-Devastated city background in stage 5 (Contra III: The Alien Wars)


-Side scrolling (horizontal and vertical; arcade Contra)

-Character selection with somewhat differentiating properties (Contra Force, Contra: Hard Corps)

-1-hit death (arcade Contra)

-Death pits (arcade Contra)

-Temporary invincibility upon respawning (arcade Contra)

-Continue system (Contra III: The Alien Wars, Japanese release)

-Stage select (NES Contra)

-8 aiming directions (NES Contra)

-Powerup arsenal (arcade Contra)

-Powerups, when equipped, lost upon death (arcade Contra)

-Default Machine Gun for Solomon Caesar (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Hanging on rails and climbing walls/ceilings (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Ability to hold 2 guns (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

-Ability to upgrade powerup guns (arcade Super Contra)

-Arsenal (see here for more information):
Normal Gun (arcade Contra)
Machine Gun, power level 1 (Contra III: The Alien Wars)
Spread Gun, both power levels (arcade Super Contra)
Crush Missiles, especially power level 1 (Contra III: The Alien Wars)
Laser Gun, both power levels (Contra III: The Alien Wars, loosely)
Fireball Gun, power level 1 (arcade Contra)
Fireball Gun, power level 2 (NES Super Contra)
Barrier (arcade Contra)

-Opposition (see here for more information):
Foot Soldier (NES Contra)
Dirk McShooter (NES Contra)
Sandbag Sniper (arcade Super Contra)
Smart Turret (arcade & NES Contra)
Nicky Napalm (NES Super Contra)
Mr. Scuba (arcade Contra)
Manned Turret (arcade Contra)
Ingrid Birdman (arcade Contra)
Man-Faced Mutt (Contra III: The Alien Wars)
Slug (Contra III: The Alien Wars)
Face Hugger (arcade Contra)
Face Hugger Egg (arcade Contra)
Alien Grunt (NES Super Contra)
Wall Mouth (arcade Contra)
Cotton Ball (arcade Contra)

-Bosses (see below)

Jungle (NES Contra)
Waterfall (NES Contra)
Harbor (Operation C)
City (Contra III: The Alien Wars)
Laboratory (Operation C)
Harvest Yard (NES Contra)
Alien Queen (NES Contra)

-Exploding bridges in stage 1 (Contra)

-Snipers on thin towers in stage 1 (Operation C)

-Elevator segment in stage 2 (NES Super Contra)

Familiar Foes:
Wall boss:


After defeating the primary phase, it rises to the secondary:


Waterfall alien boss:


This version is heavily simplified. It only has 1 phase, unlike the DS version where it chases the player on the free-falling bridge. Additionally, its attacks comprise only of its tail, claws and purple projectiles.

Triple-headed alien (Emperor-Demon Gyaba):


Heavily simplified compared to the DS original. The side heads perform fewer attack types and one of the brain attack patterns is absent.

Brain phase of Gyaba:


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There is currently no known promotional media to present.

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