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Native Platform: Sony Playstation

Media/Formats: CD

Developer: Appaloosa Interactive

Publisher: NTSC-J: Unreleased

NTSC-U: Konami

PAL: Unreleased

Release:NTSC-J: Unreleased

NTSC-U: August 23, 1998

PAL: Unreleased

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Being Appaloosa’s followup title to Contra: Legacy of War, C: The Contra Adventure failed to improve on its predecessor’s faults and fans regard it as being even worse.

Although the side view perspective is brought back, it is only used in 3 of the 10 levels (one of the 10 levels, which is 3D, is a training stage). One of them can’t even be considered a side-view level; you free-fall in a rapidly descending elevator, restricted to the default machine gun and terrible controls. The levels play overall like those of Contra III: The Alien Wars; easy mode stops the player at the fifth stage.


This game makes use of a life bar, in addition to lives, and retains the portable smart bombs, the latter of which works differently between the perspectives. You can carry up to 3 guns, though how this works is a bit confusing (I can’t explain it, really). There are many familiar weapons, like the default machine gun, laser, spread, crush missiles; new ones include an explosive scatter gun and a powerful grenade launcher. Strangely, the player’s arsenal is reset to the default machine gun upon reaching the next stage.


Appaloosa did little to improve on the 3D mode gameplay, which is the main reason for this game’s harsh criticism. Although the camera angle is dynamic, the controls are sluggish and occasionally unresponsive. Collision detection is also poor; this, along with the fact that enemies can spawn behind you and have glitched programming, results in getting hit easily. It is also not helpful that aiming can be tedious, in addition to the bad auto-aim feature. Thus, fighting long-distance enemies and trying to hit boss weaknesses are tedious. A major point of criticism is that this game is strictly a single player game.


The plot is essentially a rehash of previous Contra games, especially the first Contra. You control Ray, from Contra: Hard Corps and Contra: Legacy of War, to investigate a meteor that crash-landed into a Mayan temple, while also trying to rescue Tasha (from Contra: Legacy of War). The strong point of this title is the music, though sound can be obnoxious, especially Ray’s one-liners.


It seems Appaloosa Interactive had no concern with the public’s opinion. The small fraction of side view levels that are present is a mockery to gamers and is even used as a marketing ploy (see Trivia).




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Stage 0: Training
Stage 1: City Rescue
Stage 2: Village
Stage 3: Canyon 1
Stage 4: Canyon 2
Stage 5: Pyramid 1
Stage 6: Pyramid 2
Stage 7: Weightless
Stage 8: Hunting
Stage 9: Alien Lair



Cheats, Assistance

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The Hard Corps are rescued from outer space after the events of Contra: Legacy of War. The Contra Force subsequently dissolves, with Ray being the only remaining member from the original team. However, he retires after several more campaigns.

The surviving alien from Contra: Legacy of War lands in South America via a piece of meteorite. It eventually takes over a Mayan temple and wreaks havoc to the local villages. Tasha, from the previous Contra installment, investigates the temple, but contact with her is eventually lost. Ray Poward is thus sent next to both deal with the alien invasion and locate Tasha.

Ray fights his way from a local city into a jungle that eventually leads him to the occupied Mayan temple. Shortly after he makes his way inside, a final transmission is received from Tasha’s visual feed, which shows that she was attacked and likely killed by a large serpentine alien. Ray makes his way deep into the infested temple and confronts the leading alien entity, which is revealed to be a largely grown form of the surviving alien.

After Ray kills the creature, he makes his escape as the Mayan temple implodes and collapses. The final scene depicts another surviving alien fleeing through the jungle.


Ray Poward – protagonist; playable

Tasha – protagonist; non-playable character; female cyborg; last seen being ambushed by an alien in the infested pyramid

Alien Creature – antagonist

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•Main Menu
•Canyon 1
•Canyon 2
•Pyramid 1
•Pyramid 2
•Alien Lair
•Triumphal Return
•Casualty Of War

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C: The Contra Adventure has not yet received any conversions.

C: The Contra Adventure has not yet received any ports.

C: The Contra Adventure has not yet been re-released.


C: The Contra Adventure V0.8 Beta (Sony Playstation)
C: The Contra Adventure Beta (Sony Playstation)

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There are currently no known variants of C: The Contra Adventure.

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Regional Differences – C: The Contra Adventure has been released only in North America.

Developmental Material

Technical Information


Promotional Media

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  1. It blows my mind that the game is only single player. That, and the bizarre weapon reset after each level completion

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