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-The menus, loading screens, cheat activation, even the FMV sequences and end credits are completely homologous to those of Contra: Legacy of War. The same applies to many gameplay elements, including the lives and continue systems, difficulty differences (as this game employs both a health bar and lives, enemies inflict more damage on higher difficulties), etc. Appaloosa likely copied the code for these elements from Contra: Legacy of War and made the necessary, but minor changes.

-Various peculiar elements, with seemingly no purpose, can be found in the game.

In the FMV menu, accessed through a cheat code, there is a selection labeled Not Avail. As its name implies, it is a non-functional entry and no FMV sequence is played. It is currently unknown whether or not it is an unlockable FMV listing.

A section in the fifth stage features a prison with 4 cells, but 1 cannot be opened straightforwardly, if at all. In contrast to the rest of the levels in the game that are cut-and-dry, without other inaccessible areas, this section stands out.

-As with Contra: Legacy of War, the later stages can be accessed on Easy mode through the level select cheat code (the game ends after the fourth stage on the Easy setting). Likewise, the player has the advantages of the Easy setting during play.

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C: The Contra Adventure main page

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