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The weapon system is similar to that of Contra: Legacy of War. The player can hold up to 4 guns. However, it is glitchy, as 2 of the same guns can sometimes be held. Like its predecessor, weapons aren’t retained upon entering the next stage. In this game, the gun function slightly differently between the side-view and 3D stages. All guns feature automatic firing.

Powerups are acquired through a variety of ways.

-Ground canisters:

ctheconadvitem1_1 ctheconadvitem1_2




-Other times, they’re available in plain sight.

Default Machine Gun:

The player starts with this gun and can never lose it. Fires a rapid stream of weak bullets. In the 3D stages, its rate of fire is somewhat reduced.


ctheconadvitem5_1 ctheconadvitem5_2

Shoots a constant burst of flames, dealing moderate amounts of damage. Its drawback is the short range. In the 3D stages, the gun is shot in a sideways 8 pattern.

Laser Gun:

ctheconadvitem8_1 ctheconadvitem8_2

Shoots piercing beams at a high rate that deal high amounts of damage. In the 3D stages, its rate of fire is greatly reduced, which therefore reduces its usefulness.

Spread Gun:

ctheconadvitem3_1 ctheconadvitem3_2

Rapidly fires sets of 3 bullets that an out. It is effective against large groups of enemies and does moderate damage at close range. In the 3D stages, it shoots 4 bullets in an inverted T formation, with a greatly reduced firing rate.

Homing Missiles:

ctheconadvitem10_1 ctheconadvitem10_2

Similar to the Homing Gun from Contra III, the bullets actively seek enemy targets. It shoots small missiles in single file and at a high rate. However, it is quite weak and can occasionally miss targets at crucial moments. In the 3D stages, it shoots 3 homing missiles and rather spaced intervals, rendering it less useful.

Crush Grenade:

ctheconadvitem9_1 ctheconadvitem9_2

Shoots large grenades that, upon impact, produce a small explosion that lasts a few seconds. Intense damage is caused for the duration of the explosion. It is similar to the Crush Missiles of other games in the series, such as Contra III; however, it has a very low rate of fire. It functions the same way in both the side-view and 3D stages.


ctheconadvitem7_1 ctheconadvitem7_2

Portable explosives. In the side-view stages, they create a rapidly expanding blast around the player and deal very high amounts of damage. In the 3D stages, it is shot like an grenade, creating a large, bright explosion; it is much weaker than in the side-view stages and the amount of damage inflicted depends on the distance from the explosion. The player can carry a maximum of 9 Bombs.

The following powerups are found only during the 3D stages.

Scatter Gun:


Shoots a grenade that quickly breaks apart into several spreading exploding shards. Has a slow firing rate.

Grenade Launcher:


Shoots a grenade that bounces off the ground and walls before detonating. It also detonates immediately, upon contact with enemy targets. It is the strongest gun in the game, although it has a low rate of fire.



Protects the player from all dangers, during which they glow a spectrum of colors. The effect lasts for approximately 15 seconds.

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