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The following links cover some not-so-mainstream Contra-related topics. The series has a prominent development and following in eastern countries, such as China. However, those additions are not considered mainstream in the same sense as what is covered in the Contra Encyclopedia. They receive hardly any coverage in the West. Unlicensed games can be a touchy subject, but they undoubtedly do not classify as mainstream. Follow any of these links for a bit more information regarding some of the quieter aspects of the Contra series.

Be warned, however, that in addition to being outdated, the style of content presented through the following 2 blog links are in stark contrast to this website’s. The content was created without formality or consistency. They are side projects, developed in a more colorful tone and serve mostly as bookkeeping/archive of every possible Contra-related game encountered. Expect to see mileage-based writing, vulgarity and a general farce of conventional journalism.

Unlicensed Contra Games

East Asia’s Contra Market

The following are additional resources to complement the information presented on this website.

Game Kommander’s Contra section – A highly informative fan site that covers most of the mainstream Contra games in the series. Promotional material, such as posters, guidebooks, soundtracks, and adverts are also included. Note: The site is in Japanese and primarily covers the Japanese releases of the games.

Moby Games’ Contra series entry – Box and cover scans, as well as gameplay screenshots, for various games in the series.

Super C entry at Hall of Light – Covers technical information on USI’s Amiga conversion of Super Contra. Includes gameplay screenshots and media scans.

Gryzor entry at World of Spectrum – Very rich resource for the ZX Spectrum version of Gryzor. Several magazine scans and game cheats/hints are available.

Gryzor entry at Lemon64 – Additional technical information, screenshots and useful links.

Codes Without the Bullshit – A large repository of patch codes, spanning several game systems and cheat devices. Codes for several Contra games are also available.

The Video Game Museum – An immense repository of video game record-keeping, primarily in the form of various media, such as game screenshots and packaging scans. One of its prominences is the large collection of gameplay and ending screenshots provided for a large number of video games that span a wide variety of game systems. Other features include fan-made music remakes, artwork, game reviews, game console data and scans of video game ads.

Furthermore, please visit the other Contra fan sites listed in the sidebar.

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