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The Contra Encyclopedia actually began much earlier, at the start of 2008. I had a large, informative Contra site in mind, but was struggling to find a platform to actualize my ideas. I experimented with many free webhosts, including Freewebs. This website began as a blog on Blogspot before finally moving to WordPress.

In fact, I created a Contra fan site much earlier than the BVS and RFC (see sidebar links); but it was a test to determine if the 2 previously mentioned blogs were to be greeenlit (and they were). WordPress.com wasn’t what it is today, so the features it lacked were a barrier to devotion. You might notice that the format to much of this site’s content feels very much like a Wiki, although I stress that this place is not a Wiki, nor is it meant to serve as one. I had this format in mind for a while before it became the standard for Wikis; I simply never set my ideas forward and since they don’t necessarily comprise very unique design ideas, they were bound to be taken by others who have independently conceived them. It is a good example of why we should never let life pass us by. I don’t intend to change formats just because of this issue, though.

Credit goes to Ledmeister above all, however. His ClassicDOOM.com resource on the Doom series had been my inspiration for a project to cover the Contra series. In particular, his highly detailed comparison documents motivated me to do something similar for the many versions of each Contra game. Eventually, I toned down the level of detail as it was undoubtedly excessive and inconsistent in order to broaden the scope of material covered. This website is the result of that balance.

In terms of the Contra Encyclopedia’s design, I know it isn’t in the world’s top tier. Using my own domain is unfortunately out of the question due to constraints, so I must work with what I have within the limitations. The logo may not be pretty, but I’m no artist and this place is predominantly a solo effort. Things may change with the design in the future. In the meantime, please enjoy the wealth of information that this website has to offer that hopefully more than makes up for its stylistic shortcomings. Perhaps you might learn something new about Contra or you may get a new-found interest in this classic run-n-gun series.

Questions? Comments? Email me at [termigreen AT yahoo DOT ca].

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Contra Encyclopedia home page


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