Game Covers & Other Additions, Future Plans

I have added game cover images to the pages of almost all of the physical releases in the series. For the arcade Contra games, pictures of the marquees were added. Still, quite a few items are missing, so any help in finding some scans/images would be greatly appreciated (and appropriately credited). They are:

-Marquees for the Japanese and European (Gryzor) versions of arcade Contra
-Cover for the disk release of the ZX Spectrum conversion of Gryzor, if it exists
-Marquee for the Japanese version of arcade Super Contra
-Cover for The Contras, for Tandy CoCo3

Other miscellaneous additions and changes have been made, such as additional information and the usual fixes and corrections. One of the more notable additions comes in the form of the expansion on the Contra Advance prototype page. I’ve discovered tons more differences between the prototype and the final release, making the page more than twice its size.

More importantly, a considerable amount of new content is planned for the future. These additions will place this fan site at (near) the peak broadness as far as the scope of information covered on the Contra series. I’m hoping to eventually create sections for:

-Controls, including moves, maneuvers, etc.
-Soundtrack listings DONE
-Introductory, intermission and ending sequences

Some are definitely easier than others. A great deal of time, above all else, is going to be required to bring these items into fruition, regardless. As with all other large or comprehensive sections to this site, help is strongly encouraged. While it has been mostly a solo effort, the Contra Encyclopedia would not be where it is today without contributions from the few remaining known fans of the Contra series. On that note, it has been a great 2+ years, soon to be 3 years, building this fan site. While things may have seemed slow in the past, and may still do in the future, development has always been ongoing and I have no intention of abandoning this project.

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