Opposition Section, Plethora Of Images Added

I had been thinking about adding a section to each of the Contra games that describes each and every enemy, boss, destructible object, etc. This, of course, would be an enormous undertaking that requires an overwhelming amount of time to develop and a great deal of planning. Indeed, this was one of my projects since 2013.

Back then, I did not feel up to the task as these sections would be extremely large and obviously boring without any visual elements. The project was put on hold, in developmental hell, as I felt that other sites covered the information well enough. Additionally, my site originally served a less specific, and paradoxically broader, purpose. That was to shed a general light on all of the official mainstream entries in the Contra series.

Since then, I’ve frequently visited sites where they had images and descriptions of the enemies. The more I visited those pages, the more inclined I was to creating something similar on my site. I, however, wanted to cover everything. And so, as of today, that goal has reached a milestone. You can see the result for almost all of the Contra games covered on my site. Further, I have added images to the Arsenal section for most of the games, as well.

Make no mistake, the Opposition sections are still quite in their stages of infancy. The essentials are complete, including information and structure. There are, however, several things to reconsider. One example would be the placement of certain enemy entries with their respective boss battles, especially if they appear exclusively alongside those bosses.

Some might feel that the level of detail and cataloging of the enemies is excessive. I sometimes agree on this, but then am conflicted with the philosophy that overkill is underrated. One thing I cannot deny are the hints of double-standards in regards to enemy/boss entries. I’d say that it is the result of, again, the Opposition section being in its early stages. I hope to iron out this issue, especially.

I have not covered the enemies for 2 games. They are Contra: Evolution and Hard Corps: Uprising. In the former’s case, there needs to be a practical way for me to take screenshots off of either device (iOS/Android); I also haven’t played the game that much due to its painfully abysmal quality. The latter, I simply lack the game. I’m also missing a good portion of images from the LCD Electronics version of Contra; again, it’s due to lack of a practical screen capture method.

I just want to give very big thanks to 2 individuals who have greatly helped me for this new site addition: cx4 and Game Kommander. Both have provided a significant amount of images to use for this project. Game Kommander provided the jump-start, with images for many of the early games; cx4 has provided images for many of the mobile games, Contra 4, the PS2 games, and he has collaborated in the process. Without them, this news post would be published at least 2 months later.

In other news, the alleged Virtual Console release of Contra Advance has shown no signs of life thus far.

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