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Over the years, I’ve looked at each Contra game and considered how the series evolved. But what emanated to me just as much as, if not more than the innovations are the repetitions. These reused elements don’t at all detract from the quality or value of the games, in my opinion. On the contrary, they help build on the overall product by reminding us about what is (usually) great and memorable about past entries. As a new addition of information to the Contra Encyclopedia, I’ve decided to transcribe every little element that has been carried over through one or more Contra games from a prior one. Thus has been created the exhaustive lists that comprise Recycled Relics for Super Contra and onwards.

These lists are by no means complete or absolute. For the most part, they had been brainstormed in a short time span and posted as an initial step. They’re likely full of mistakes of varying sizes; further work is inevitable. Additionally, don’t be surprised if several items listed are deemed a big stretch, or grasping at straws; a work-in-progress is just that. I’m completely open to comments, so please feel free to provide feedback in the form of additions, suggestions and challenges.

You might notice that linked within this new subsection are links to non-existent pages. Namely, the Opposition section for each game. You’ve probably guessed it, but that’s my next big project for the site: I would like to cover all of the enemies of the games for which I can provide information. I will likely begin work on it after putting up some information on the stages of the Contra games.

In the meantime, enjoy the newly added content.

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