A Promotional Update

An interesting correction has been made to the classification of certain mobile versions of Contra. After some digging and closer reading, it turns out that the Konami Net DX mobile version of Contra precedes, and is the base for, the RIM and DANGER versions. It had been released in 2004, making it 4 years earlier than the aforementioned North American mobile platform releases. The respective corrections have been made to the Contra games’ pages to reflect this development.

The more significant and noticeable update comes in the addition of a Promotional Media section for each game. Listed here are poster and ad scans, soundtracks and other interesting items that are often released in conjunction with certain titles. Other times, the material commemorates popular aspects of the games. Either way, be sure to check them out if you’re interested.

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2 Responses to “A Promotional Update”

  1. Great update!
    I had no idea even about half of these additional materials.

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