New Page Added, Other Small Updates

I’ve now put up a page under the Miscellaneous section, titled Rumors/Myths. Included in this section are all of the few widespread hoaxes pertaining to various Contra games. Other additions include a Developmental Material page for Neo Contra.

It’s hard to channel all changes simply through blog posts, as that would require a high posting frequency. Therefore, I’m looking into implementing something along the lines of a feed, but that logs all changes made. This is useful for both the readers and I: the readers, so they know what’s new; myself, so that it saves a lot of time on summarizing, as well as serves as a guideline to determine what’s worth mentioning in an actual news post.

On Konami’s side of things, the ESRB has submitted an entry for a Wii-U port (Virtual Console) of Contra Advance, in Australia.

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