Happy New Year

Wishing everyone, including my fellow Contra fan, a fruitful year to come.

As always, this website is constantly being updated. I know I said in the prologue that I would publish a news post whenever I add to the site; however, that would definitely be impractical. Not only do I often make numerous changes in a day, the updates can sometimes be minor fixes that can only be observed by scanning the site with a magnifying glass, so to speak. Such time and energy would be better spent on analyzing prototype and other pre-release versions of games, if you ask me ๐Ÿ™‚ Joking aside, rest assured that this site is not dead.

Things are just going slowly at the moment, very much like the official side of all things Contra, only not as severe. When I had opened this fan site 2 years ago, one thing that I had always kept in mind is that work on it would reach a big roadblock, no matter what, because of Konami’s treatment of the series. Initially, time had been devoted into both setting up the web site, as well as keeping it up to speed with where the series currently is. The latter wasn’t difficult, again, because of Konami. It actually took relatively less time to complete these steps because of overwhelming motivation.

Since then, I had been working on this encyclopedia in mostly small bursts, with the occasional major structural overhauls or page additions. As such, I haven’t lost any motivation over the last 2 years; I don’t see me burning out any time soon. That’s probably the only good aspect of Contra’s dead status. For the most part, the only “new” releases are re-releases for Virtual Console and the like.

I’ve been strongly fixated on pre-release versions of Contra games. That’s probably the only aspect of Contra left for which there is a lot to cover. Indeed, the historical side can be really fascinating, especially when lots of significant features/elements are discovered. However, the major downside to this territory is that progress on coverage is very slow. Additions can only be made if more and more pre-releases surface and become available to analyze. Unfortunately, the flow in that regard is at a snail’s pace. I would really like to bring closure to many of the Contra/Probotector prototypes listed on this website that still remain mysteries.

To summarize what’s been done on this site since the last update, new page content has been added and redundant/incorrect/outdated content, removed or fixed; all done in small clusters. Likewise, formatting issues have been cleaned up. If you’re an active follower/reader of this site, you’d probably notice at least some of them.

That’s not to say that I have done all that I can do. On more occasions than I can count, I’ve encountered various little bits that require fixing and that’s guaranteed not to change in the near future (something that rather baffles me). Plus, there’s always room for a new Contra game down the road; maybe it’s just the nostalgia and fanboy in me speaking, but preferably one that harkens back to the classic gameplay, very much akin to Contra 4 and Contra Rebirth.

Until next time, here’s to 2015 and whatever exciting news it holds in store for Contra. Lock and load!

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3 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. Once more, Happy New Year!

    I saw some updates. At this moment not all from them – the amount of work you done is enormous.
    As always, great work! Keep it up!

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