Big Update, Small News

Lots of changes and additions have been made to the site. One half has been fixing various mistakes in the texts and formatting. The other half has been a large addition of content. For one, more images have been added to many of the pages. Most notably, I have created entries for the new Contra remakes on iOS and Android. Also added to each game page is a new section that covers pre-release versions.

For official Contra-related news, not much has changed. Konami has recently invested in expanding many of its franchises into the world of Pachislots (Pachinko machines), and Contra is one of them. This will be covered soon in an addition to the General Trivia section, so the other Contra fan, be sure to check that out. To wrap this up, Konami also filed to trademark a “Contra Run and Gun”.

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4 Responses to “Big Update, Small News”

  1. A great update.

  2. And we both missed two news:
    1. Mercury Steam again allowed some ghostly rumors (they themselves are not bothered?) – Hints in an interview.
    2. Contra III may appear in the Wii U and / or 3DS VC.

    • Second news is laughable one. I’m wondering whether they intend to keep re-releasing previous games over and over. Next time, they should release Contra III on Wii-U whenever it gets a firmware update. Or better yet, just re-release Contra III on Wii-U every month, call it “October release” or “November release”, etc.

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